Dog Days of Summer

Yesterday hubby and I took the pups with us to run errands and then we took them to a park where they could run free and get out some energy. They just love to run and play in a new place and always come back smiling 🙂 It just makes my heart so happy when they are having a fun time and doing what dogs love to do 🙂

Chase running

At this park there is an old house where hubby and I sat on the front porch steps and watched them play while eating ice cream hubby got us from Sweet Frog. Then we walked around with the pups to work off all that delicious ice cream. The great thing about Sweet Frog is that they have dairy and gluten free ice creams so I can always find something good there and they have a toping bar – enough said 😉 I usually get the same toppings, but hubby mixes it up 🙂 (Sweet Frog did not pay me to say it… it’s jut the truth from my perspective).

ice cream

Our dogs always get to lick the bowels where the ice cream was as a treat and we always provide plenty of water in said bowls so the dogs get a little extra ice cream flavor in their water. They love this occasional treat of a run and ice cream water 😉 And hubby and I love to make them happy boys 🙂

Scrapping adventure







My husband has a hobby to earn us a little extra money, scrapping. He gets things from people who need to get rid of them and we take it to the local scrapyard to be melted down. We don’t get a full load often and so these trips have been few and far between, but we can use the extra money for those unexpected house, car, gas expenses, etc. I road along yesterday as I still was not feeling well and the ride usually helps. On the way home we got a bite to eat and stopped by the park to eat and let the dogs run.







Chase (in front) and Baxter












The wind was blowing all around and had some flags at attention…







In a little town I saw this blue bike next to a local post office. I thought it was such a cool use of art.







I also liked this painting on a wall near the post office. It reminded me of Italy when  was there.







We then traveled a back road home… over the bridge and through the woods…













It was a nice day, but cool with the wind blowing. I know the dogs had a good day as they slept all night and were not as hyper this morning. It was such a blessing to have two nice days to take rides. I hope today my migraine will stay away 😉

Ice cream….

Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Today was an I need an ice cream day…

It was my first day back to work from vacation… I had 123 e-mails, 20 some phone messages, and 15 sticky notes from co-workers with notes about my client’s on my desk. Plus I got some bad news about an old client that was sad. I also had a packed schedule that I had to fit the e-mails, phone messages, and sticky notes into.

Yesterday while we were out we went to this little ice cream shop we like and I found a new favorite ice cream flavor… Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (say that three times fast). If you don’t like coconut, almonds, or chocolate chips this is not the flavor for you, but if you do… you will find a new favorite friend. I have been thinking of it every time I was stressed at work today. Ice cream is always a good way to think yourself happy (maybe not make your thighs happy, but hey we have to give somewhere).

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Is there a flavor you don’t like? Do you have a favorite place to get ice cream with your family?

Tales of Baxter the Therapy Dog…

So last night was Read Across America… Baxter did an exceptional job with all the crowd of kids, parents, grandparents, characters (as they were also celebrating Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Birthday and had people in custume there for the kids), and other people passing. He was attentive and kind, even when the kids who were a little too rough. For his efforts and good behavior he was rewarded with some ice cream…

The boys love ice cream...

As you can see Chase needed a reward for having to wait for us with his daddy in the truck and not getting to go into the mall with us.

I couldn’t get a good shot of Baxter with the kids, all I could get in the commotion was this one…

Proud TDI dog

I think Baxter and I would be willing to do this again if the chance arose. Baxter seemed to soke up all the attention, smells (can you  say food court), and sights of a mall. I think the smells were his favorite;)

The night and event went well. I hope you all had a good Saturday.