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Snow Chickens

Yesterday it snowed quite a bit and today the ice and icy rain is making everything a slick mess. The dogs were slipping and sliding all around like they were on a ice rink. It made me feel bad they were slipping, but it was cute to see them try to stay upright. The chickens are staying in their coop/run again today. They have a … Read More Snow Chickens


Are you watching the Olympics? So many events going on and all on the snow or ice…. burrrrr. I love watching people compete and perform in sporting events, and all the new events this year is very cool…but since the ice storm here anything I watch that has to do with snow or ice just makes me cold. Still I am rooting for our … Read More Olympics

Icey Cold…

There is still snow on the ground and ice under and on top… it is cold. It is so cold that not only is our fresh spring frozen over, but our chicken eggs froze too, despite the heat lamps in the chicken coop. The chickens seem to be doing well and seem warm enough in the coop. They are getting to be spoiled by … Read More Icey Cold…

First of January Snow

Thursday as I was coming home from work it started to snow. By the time I got home and situated it looked like this… The flakes were so big at times, when they landed on your clothes you could actually see them, as they didn’t absorb into clothing quickly. It was so cold too that things just froze right away… And the snow kept coming… Even … Read More First of January Snow