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In case you haven’t noticed…

In case you haven’t noticed I love my dogs. Each spring, summer, and fall I find a new love for them when we get to hike together. They make the trails safer and more fun. Since the weather has stayed nice this week we have hiked and gone to the river for Chase to swim a lot. The dogs have really gotten into hiking … Read More In case you haven’t noticed…

Home Values and Love

The boys are trying to stay as cool as they can today. It tried to rain earlier, but that only made the humidity go up. I was out earlier this morning in the garden watering and checking on the plants. Things seem to be growing well. I wanted to water before it got too hot and caused all the water to evaporate. When I … Read More Home Values and Love

10 Things Thursday… 10 Things I Enjoyed About the Festival

So I kind of forgot to do my 10 things post on Tuesday… I don’t know where my brain was. So today I though I would make up for it by sharing 10 things I enjoyed about the festival I went to over the weekend. 10.  The different flower displays.             9. The scenery.           … Read More 10 Things Thursday… 10 Things I Enjoyed About the Festival