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10 Things I Liked From Opsail

10. The mermaid. 9. The flowers in random places. 8. The ships. 7. All the ship bells. 6. All the flags. 5. Unexpected art. 4. The ships lit up at night. 3. The Sunset. 2. Being with family and hubby. 1. The fireworks.

Looking up…

Op-Sail was full of some wonderful sights. Many which you would not have seen if you didn’t Look Up. Many times in life we just need a new perspective and a reason to look at things in a new way. I think we get so busy looking at where we want to go we miss all that is around us. Op-sail provided us a … Read More Looking up…

Hanging it up… Coming Home

I’m hanging up the rope for the week… I have done enough tugging this week. Last weekend and our trip are starting to seem like a distant memory. This week was long and I only worked 4 days. The rope above is from one of the tall ships we got to tour. I still need to post about Op-Sail and all the things we saw. … Read More Hanging it up… Coming Home