Otter Be Friday

Our Zoo tour continues with one of my two favorite animals… The Otter 🙂

They are so cute and friendly and when I was little I imagined swimming with the otters and being like them. They are so graceful and fast in the water and I have always been fascinated by them. At the DC zoo there are two kinds of otters…

The first I think are Asian otters who just had babies…

And American otters…

I love all otters and maybe one day will get to be a zoo keeper for a day and spend time with them 🙂

Any plans for the weekend? Here in our piece of the world we are getting ready for the holidays and family to arrive Sunday. So that means cleaning, shopping for groceries, cooking, and baking. I hope you have a blessed weekend and wonderful start to the holiday season 🙂


So I knew my 200th post was coming up and I have been waiting to find something good to post about. My lovely hubby suggested I wait until after my birthday weekend as he was taking me somewhere for the day as a surprise. He told me I would have some good photos after and he was right. Friday night he took me to the Kennedy Center to see War Horse (very good show) and then Saturday my mom and her husband came and joined us for my surprise… a day at the Washington DC Zoo.

I have two favorite animals Red Pandas…

And Otters… There were a lot of new cute new babby otters.

Baby Otters

There were a lot of animals out and I got to take a lot of photos (more to come). They have improved things at the zoo including more space for the animals and more educational things for the kids.

We even got to see the momma panda that just lost her cub. She was munching on some bamboo and seemed to be happy 🙂

They even had some meerkat babies too, but they were so fast and moving I couldn’t get a good photo except of the mom. My birthday time and weekend was great fun, smiles, and joy at getting to be at the zoo and relaxing. The Kennedy Center was enjoyable too… I am blessed to have a hubby and family who can plan things for my birthday that are things I love so much 🙂