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Thursday Adventure

After dropping hubby off at work this morning Chase and I went on a little adventure. I knew it was going to be hot today probably the hottest day this summer, so I wanted to get our walk in before it got too bad. Hubby and I found a new park and took Chase already once. I can pass it on the way home … Read More Thursday Adventure

Frist Walk of Spring

We finally got a really nice day yesterday and had time to take the dogs for a walk/run… Our boys love it when they get to go to certain parks as there is opportunity for them to run and explore off leash and still be safe so we don’t worry. I just love to watch the progression of a dog in mid run… How … Read More Frist Walk of Spring

Last Day of Vacation…

Today we spent some of our last day of vacation in the… Town of Sharpsburg We went over to Antietam Battle Field to walk the dogs…             We go to the battle field from time to time to walk the dogs and relax. Chase always has a good time watching mommy take pictures…             … Read More Last Day of Vacation…