Good Reminder….

I got this in an e-mail today. A good reminder… image036

No one gets their way 100% of the time and like children we can not throw tantrums or start a riot every time we don’t get our own way. There is a way to do things peacefully and the peaceful way usually gets the most positive notice in the long run. If as adults we do not model positive way to do things and deal with perceived disappoints to the generations that come after us then we set ourselves up for more chaos in our homes, nation, and world. Just a thought…

Enjoying the Snow…

I just love the snow…Snow

Yesterday we had snow flurries all day. It was so relaxing and calming. I needed a calming day and I sure got it. Some of the day it was snowing so much it was hard to see and then it would slow down and big flakes would float to the ground so peacefully.  I got a chance to slow down and get things done like baking, cooking, and chores that I was behind on.

I even got a chance to take the dogs for a nice long walk in the snow…Chase face snow

During the walk it was so quiet you could hear everything so clearly… the crunch of the snow, the rustle of the dogs and my jackets, the birds, the trees rustling…Bax snow face

Even the chickens came out for a bit and explored the snow when it was just light flurries…Chkn snowThe day was also not too cold as the wind had stopped and it made it easier to be outside:) It left a little snow on the ground for today which was pretty. Since I finally got my new tires on the car today I am ready for any more snow that may come now 🙂

Gratitude… in the mundane of life


This past week hubby and I took some time off after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations, get the property, chicken coop, house, etc ready for the winter, and to get some much needed rest from stress. As I went throughout the week I noticed things we had on our list getting done and I felt a sence of calm and peace about it. Looking back I see in those moments I was truly grateful for getting the mundane things done…. for the every day of life… and the quality time chores bring for hubby and I. Chores are never “fun”, but they can be almost “fun” when shared with someone we love. As someone once told me… many hands make light work. So today as I reflect on this weeks value/feeling, I see how gratitude play out in the little things for us and how gratitude allows for peace and serenity about things that otherwise would be hard if not for a little help and change of perception. 🙂

I wonder what…

I was looking at this picture the other day and wondered….

What does heaven look like???  This picture was from a trip up in the sky on an airplane. It is peaceful and makes you relaxed as I imagine heaven is. I wondered if this is what the angels or God sees when he looks down from heaven. If so he has a peaceful view as I am sure heave is… peaceful. (I just hope when I get there I am not still scared of heights 😉 )