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Road Trip 2016

So I have been missing for a while… life got busy, I had so much going on, and I had a long road trip to go on with hubby and the pups. Hubbys nephew graduated from high school so we started out going to Indiana… Then to Arkansas… with other trips to Missouri and Oklahoma. Oh my I loved this road trip because of beautiful … Read More Road Trip 2016

Snow, Dogs, Birds, and Chickens

Didn’t get as much snow today as they originally predicted, but it snowed most of the day lightly. When I got home from work we took the boys outside to play and help us get the chickens ready for the snow that started around 6 tonight. The chicken water tank was frozen over. Luckily the one inside the coop is holding up well and … Read More Snow, Dogs, Birds, and Chickens

Chicken Flowers

Over the weekend hubby and I decided to have a yard sale. Our neighbor down the road decided to join us with some of her stuff. After things were cleaned up and the remainder of our stuff was donated and my neighbor had me come up to her place and she gave me some of her zinnia flowers and she gave me this really … Read More Chicken Flowers

Why We Write

My online friend, Midwest Mary  (http://midwestmary.com/) asked me to continue a series on writing that is being passed from one writer to another. There are four basic questions you may find of interest if you are a writer or interested in the writing process. Here are the questions and my answers: 1. What are you working on? Right now I am taking a break … Read More Why We Write

Purple Sky…

I just love how God designed the sky on a beautiful day at sunset… Do you see all the colors? Purple, blue, orange, yellow… what a gorgeous sight 🙂 I think this kind of colored sky is one of my favorites. I love the bright orange/yellow sky like this… The orange sky is so bold an bright… But there is something to be said … Read More Purple Sky…

Busy Trip…

Hubby and I took a trip last week to Indian (the pups went with us) to attend hubby’s nephews graduation (well my nephew too 😉 ) We had a very nice time, only problems was it was too short and so busy. Hubbys sister and her husband not only pastor a church, but run a private Christian school though the church. Hubbys nephew graduate with … Read More Busy Trip…


The other day while driving with hubby to run errands we passed this house. I noticed something immediately about this house. The tree out front had cast a perfect showed on the front of the house. I also noticed how neat the snow looked, with different colors and textures in it. Can you see the tree shadow? I just thought it was such a … Read More Shadow

Slow Melt

While most of the south is beginning to recover from the snow… the snow here is sticking around from last week… The sun has finally come out today and it’s melting some of the snow off the tractors and the road is mostly clear… The picnic table could use some work though… I guess it will just take time and a little more sunshine… I’m … Read More Slow Melt

Snow Sky

Looking out at the sun setting over the snow you can notice many things… colors, shapes, designs, and many interesting things. I was out the other day and saw this sky… It looked like something was falling from the sky or jetting all over…   I don’t know what cause all these designs, but I don’t think I want to…   It’s more fun … Read More Snow Sky

Happy Birthday Hubby :)

Today is hubbys birthday… he has to work poor guy. When he gets home I plan to have surprises including a big beef dinner and presents waiting 🙂 I wanted to say something special about hubby that I haven’t before so here is the top 5 things I love about him 🙂 1.) He is striving to be the kind of man God calls him … Read More Happy Birthday Hubby 🙂

More snow?

I have been sick. It’s been a couple years since I have been sick and I am not happy. I have almost lost my voice (hubby may be happy about that)… but it makes it hard to keep up with the house, animals, and just getting things done. Hubby has been helping out, my mom and step-dad were up this past weekend for step-dads … Read More More snow?

Launching into something new…

So my hubby has encouraged me for a long time to do something with all the photos I take. He tells me all the time how much others could enjoy them. So with his prompting and research I have decided to launch a web site where others can see and buy my photos if they want. I will use the money to put in a … Read More Launching into something new…