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Baxter’s Potato Kale Chowder

My whole house smells delightful and warm tonight. It’s been snowing off and on all day and my husband is sick, so I decided to make a warm and wholesome meal for dinner… So I made a chowder that would fill him up with good nutrition. So What you will need: 1/2 cup Olive Oil  (divided into two 1/4th cups) and extra for the garlic. 2 whole … Read More Baxter’s Potato Kale Chowder

Roy Rogers and Horses

Today I was walking through the living room cleaning and saw my husband had Roy Rogers on the TV. Now I don’t think he knew what he was watching as he was asleep. I remember as a kid watching reruns and wanting to ride a horse like Roy. Now if you know anything about Roy you know he has a trusty horse Trigger and of coarse a dog … Read More Roy Rogers and Horses


It was another long day. I had a training at work that started before I normally go in on a Tuesday. Then I worked my normal hours after that, for an 10 hour day total. It was nice to get off and come home to my husband and dad at the table waiting on the chinese food I was bringing, so they wouldn’t have to wait for … Read More Tuesday…