Babies, babes, everywhere…

It must be at least getting a little close to spring (or it may be wishful thinking)…. but everywhere we went today there were baby animals running about…


It may just me willing spring here and using these babes as my proof…


Either way they are all cute when they are little ūüôā


It was just nice to have a couple nice days of weather and be outside without freezing or having the wind knock me over. Hope your week has started out well!

Bush’s- The Bean

While on our anniversary trip (over a month ago now) we stumbled upon a neat museum for Bush’s Baked Beans…Bushes sign

There was actually a lot to do¬† from the caf√©, to¬†a movie on the history of Bush’s, to the artifacts and photos of the Bush’s family,¬†to a big can of beans you walk though and see how the canning processing works….¬†Bushes Can

They even had a scale that tells you how many beans you weigh… I got hubby on it so I could take this photo…Bushes bean weight

I really loved this cute piggy they had flying at the end of the museum part… Bushes PigThe gift shop was really neat and I got some really cool chicken socks. They even had a¬†cool bathroom sink faucets… I know it may be weird to take a photos of the faucet but it was so cool…Bushes sink If you are ever in this part of TN you have to check it out. From¬†the history¬†to the¬†fun activities it will¬†appeal¬†to kids¬†and adults alike¬†ūüôā


I have been thinking a lot lately about hubby’s and my dreams…Star

Right now we have two major goals…

1.) Go through infertility treatment and try to have a family

2.) Save and work towards getting more land for our dream farm/ranch

Knowing¬†how big and expensive these goals are I know we need to make a plan and follow through. In the mean time while the pieces come together I dream of the farm/ranch and the first steps we need to take.¬†After getting the land we will need to get good fencing up, then we will need to get the animals and what we need to care for them. Hubby and I have experience with animals as hubby is a butcher and we both had experience raising animals when we were younger. I know we will have our chickens and I think we will start out with some goats and maybe pigs. So to get to know what we will need to do to take the best care of these animals we are studying, reading, and learning all we can about animal care. Just like we did before we got the chickens. I am also thinking of seeing if there are agriculture¬†classes near us I can take or online classes. Seems like we have a lot to do in order to get started… I’m already exhausted ūüėČ

2013 Seasonsgirl

Its January 1st, 2o13… Happy New Year to all my followers and visitors. Its time to get started and focus on some dreams we have and the main one is achieving our dream of a farm/ranch. ducks n pond

In order to do this we need to do a few things… pick a location, figure out how to fund our dream, and figure out the details about how to get to the goal. We know some of the bigger details (and some of the smaller ones)…. we want a good amount more land then we have now, we want to have goats/chickens/cattle/ and maybe pigs, we want to have some crops like hay to support the animals feed, and we want a large garden that will give us the veggies/fruits we need and will be able to can for the winter months. Tractor

All of this in efforts to live a life for God, live¬†more for our self¬†suffency, ¬†and to raise our kids (if we may be blessed¬†with them)¬†in this farming/ranching lifestyle. We know it won’t be easy, it won’t always be fun, but it will provide us with more self-sufficiency and a way to contribute to the greater good.

Have you had a dream similer to ours and if so any practical advice on how to get to our goal?