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Nature in the Field

It’s a beautiful thing to see new baby deer in the fields. The new little baby deer are all over this year and I just LOVE seeing them play… This little one was hanging out in the field with its momma the other day… The dogs have also been excited to see these little guys as they love to try to figure out what they … Read More Nature in the Field

Eye of the Tiger

This was one of the beautiful new tigers at the DC Zoo. We were told he is a new guy and when he was first there they closed off the area so he could get accustomed to his new surroundings. At first he was just sleeping, but then he got up and gave us a show.  He went prowling around and talking to the … Read More Eye of the Tiger

Ten Things Tuesday… Ten Reasons I Love My Dogs

So I decided I wanted to set aside a day to be grateful and look at my blessings. So while I can Tuesdays will be Ten Things Tuesdays… Today I will go over… Ten Things I Love about My Dogs 10. They are smart.               9. They humor me dressing them up.           8. They … Read More Ten Things Tuesday… Ten Reasons I Love My Dogs