What is family?

As I thought about family this past Easter I was reminded that family is not just the one we are born into. It is the journey of the people the Lord brings into our lives.

Its those special people who treat you like they are blood relatives (and sometimes better) and you feel the same about them. Its about the relationships we develop with those we call friends, but sometimes are more like family.

As hubby and I still pray and hope to be able to have kids of our own, I know I still have an important job to do with each and every child I come in contact with. Its my job to be a good Godly role model for them. To treat them with love and kindness. To point them in the right direction and help them to feel special.

And in the process I get joy back and that warms my heart. I hope you had a blessed Easter.


It is hubby’s and my anniversary today 🙂 I was thinking back on when we first met and each year since. As the years pass I realize each year I learn something new about and from hubby and we grow into a new stage with each other. It is like each time you go to the library you learn something new and grow…

It is the same with a relationship if it is healthy and growing. I am glad God has been with us and helped us though some difficult times and continues to be with us though our current disappointments. Happy Anniversary Hubby… I love you 😉