First day of yard sales

Yesterday was the first day of the season we saw yard sale signs out. It was a very nice day and everyone was out. After we got home and picked up the dogs we went looking to see what yard sales had started.







The mountains trees around us have really started to fill in and get some color.







I also saw this cool old barn that was falling in (yes another barn).







When we got home the chickens were enjoying the sun and worms.







Chase and Baxter were out running and playing dog games. They were so cute.








I also wanted to share the sky picture I took from our back porch the night before. It looked like it was going to storm, but it never did.








IĀ am off to walk with the dogs and see if there are any more yard sales today. I hope you all have a blessed Saturday. Anyone doing anything fun? Let me know šŸ™‚


Price is right…










This is another barn we saw on our little drive yesterday. I love the old silo. I rememberĀ as a child when you could drive down the road and see these old silos being filled with grain for storage until the price was right to sell. Silo storage has changed and grain can be stored longer until… the price is right to sell. On our trip out to Nebraska my Uncle taught us more about this. I hope you have a Happy Monday!