Sunset so Bright

There are many nice things in any given day. But one of my favorite things is a beautiful sunset. When I see a beautiful sunset, one where the colors are vibrant or bright… it can make a bad day better or a good day great.


Hubby and I got to see a beautiful one a couple nights ago coming home from running errands in the city. We were fairly close to home and I looked over and saw this…


The sun was just setting and throwing beautiful and brightly colored light over the mountain and into the sky. The clouds were wispy, fluffy, and so light. I made hubby pull over so I could get a couple pictures, but he didn’t mind. It was a good excuse for him to take a moment to enjoy it as well.

I hope you had a great week and that the coming week is full of blessings 🙂

Gods sunset

We have had some beautiful sunsets lately. The sun has had so many colors and the flow is like an artist painting on a canvas.  I like to think of them as a reminder God is still with me.


Life continues to be tough and it doesn’t see a day goes by without a real trial. Some days it wears on me and then I see this sunset…

Sun Set

And I remember all the things God has given me and I try to be grateful. The beauty that God places in this world is a reminder despite the storm there is hope that God provides in his hands.

Purple Sky…

I just love how God designed the sky on a beautiful day at sunset…

Purple Sky

Do you see all the colors? Purple, blue, orange, yellow… what a gorgeous sight 🙂 I think this kind of colored sky is one of my favorites. I love the bright orange/yellow sky like this…

Ornage sky

The orange sky is so bold an bright… But there is something to be said for the subtlety of a calm purple sky 🙂

Purplr sky

It just calms the soul, provides peace, and just makes you want to slow down and enjoy life 🙂

Snow Sky

Looking out at the sun setting over the snow you can notice many things… colors, shapes, designs, and many interesting things. I was out the other day and saw this sky…


It looked like something was falling from the sky or jetting all over…Sky 2


I don’t know what cause all these designs, but I don’t think I want to…Sky 3


It’s more fun just looking at it and seeing it as beautiful 🙂


True Joy

Oh I just wish I could have gotten a photo of the fog and mist rolling across the back field tonight… it was eerie and magical all at the same time. It almost hid the deer coming though and was covering up our view of the mountain. I stood there for a few minutes and just marveled at everything God thought up on this earth. That includes this sunset…orange sky

It was a beauty the other night. The color just amazed me and left me breathless. I feel blessed each time I see a sunset like this or witness the misty fog come across the field. I hope this coming weekend you experience blessings from God and find true joy in them 🙂

I Spy…

a duck…Duck Cloud

When I was a little girl one of the games my family use to play in the car was ‘ I spy’.  These were in the days that there was no in-car TV to watch movies, game boys, or electronic devices so you actually had to look out the window, keep yourself entertained, and be creative. My mom and I started to play ‘I spy’ in the clouds and we would look into the clouds and find a cloud shaped like something and then the rest of the people in the car had to try to find it and the first person who did got to go next. It’s a version of ‘I spy’ with things or colors and I loved to look at the clouds. As a kid I played a lot of car games to keep busy, but I have to say cloud watching was one of my favorite 🙂

The lady is healing…

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend 🙂 This week has had its challenges and I am tired. Still I feel good that I can come home tonight play cards with my Grandma and blog to all my wonderful followers 🙂Cow n sky

Thought I would share a recent photo of the “ladies”. The “lady” that got hurt this past fall and we almost lost is on the right. She has filled out, gotten her feather’s back, and is doing well. We even think she is laying again 🙂


Hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Fall Sky…

I posted a photo similar to this in the spring, but got another this fall. We were outside tonight hooking up the trailer for my Dad to take to get the electric in the brakes fixed and the sky was just too pretty to pass up. I just love to look at a sky and can stop for a moment and see it as a blessing 🙂 It was a busy weekend and I got a lot done. It promises to be a busy week. I hope you all have a blessed one 🙂

Bridge over calm waters…

Fall has finally started to arrive here in our part of Virginia. The leaves are changing and the weather has cooled.

It is such a nice time of year outside of the bad storms we had last night. Today we had time for a nice hike after work and dinner. We went on a new trail and had some fun. The dogs seemed to really enjoy all the new smells and sights 🙂 This weekend promises to hold some good weather for some more hiking. I have a lot of baking to do too… should be fun 🙂

Memories of Fall

It was a rainy day today… despite the rain we got some things outside done in the rain. The weather can not stop you if you have things to do and animals to care for. The dogs came in soaked and had to get a good brushing to get the stink out. They had fun running in the rain though and it was fun to watch.

I found this old picture in my archives from last fall and it just seems like a perfect fall evening with the moon in the background. I took it while out hiking the blue ridge mountains with the dogs. On a crazy fall note we found a black snake in the driveway this morning… not something you expect after it has been as cold as it has been. It was only a small one and appeared dead as it didn’t move when we picked it up with the shovel. Hopefully that is the last one I will see this year. Hope you have a good Tuesday 🙂

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