Best Part of Snow

There are many things you can say about snow… its cold, its wet, its messy, its too deep, its too hard to see when it gets going good… You could say all these things, but why not also see the positives? Why not see the beauty? In our recent 3 feet of snow I could have seen many negatives and at times I think the biggest negative was being sore from digging out, but looking at the picture below I see something else…

Birds n snow

I see the beauty in the snow falling softly. I see the birds using the snow as cover to come to the feeders and eat. I see quiet in the middle of a busy world (yes I know you hear quiet, but I can remember the quiet from this picture). I see the trees holding up all the snow powerful and strong. I see a beauty that is not in our world at other times. Snow can be calming, it can be relaxing, it can relieve stress, it can stop a world that is always to busy, to stressful, and to overworked. It reminds us and sometimes makes us slow down and remember that in this world where we live, we need to actually live. This snow gave hubby and I time to do a little living… living by loving on our pets, spending time together, getting some things done for us, taking some time to really rest without worrying about what was not getting done, watching the snow fall so peacefully at times we couldn’t help but to sigh and let ourselves relax. Snow can give you a different perspective and a different view of your own world.

“And the peace of God, which transends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”

-Philippians 4:7

Snow Home

We ended up getting 5 or 6 more inches of snow today. It was a pretty snow that came down hard at times and other times fell in big steady flaks, but was light and calming. Hubby and I had off and had a little time to go for a drive as we had to get chicken feed from the feed store and pick up a couple other things. When we drive to our feed store there is this house we always pass and I think is just lovely especially in the snow.


I don’t know what it is about this farmhouse in the middle of this field, but it has always made me happy. Its got a special beauty I am sure most people don’t see, but that okay. I see beauty in weird places. I hope you had a beautiful Monday!

Cold Vortex…

The cold wind and frigid temperatures held off until after the funeral and we were all home. The funeral went as expected and now will be a time of healing for the family. The thing about this Uncles passing is that we know he was saved by faith an confession, so those of us who are saved will see him again in heaven. It was nice though because hubbys sister and brother-in-law decided to drive in from out of state at the last minute so we were able to spend today with them to and from the funeral and all evening. It has been nice to have them as we always enjoy their stay. Keep them in your prayers for a safe trip home with all the bad weather. Snow fence

When we got home tonight the wind started up and there were some flurries. It is officially COLD! Its supposed to be below 0* tomorrow. It could make for some bad driving conditions if the wind keeps up and all that water on the roads freezes again. I hope if you are going to be affected by this cold storm that you stay safe and warm. Be safe 🙂