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Storms a commin’

The other night a storm blew in so quick, but you could see it coming…. I loved seeing the rain sheets coming from the river… And across the fields towards our house… The clouds turned and got darker as the storm got closer… As much as I hate storms it was neat to see all this and be inside my cozy home safe and … Read More Storms a commin’

Preparing for the weather…

So supposedly we are going to get up to 3 feet of snow between 11 PM tonight and tomorrow sometime. I have yet to see a drop of rain they predicted we would have by now and the temperature is still in th upper 30’s. When hubby and I first heard of the storm we knew we had to do a few things to get … Read More Preparing for the weather…

Lights n Snow

Thought I would share some more pictures from before the snow storm at Christmas… I love Christmas lights 🙂 And during the snow storm… I like how the camera got the sheeting snow against the tree 🙂 Hope you had a good Monday 🙂