Sunday… Sunday… la la

Hope you are having a blessed and beautiful Sunday. It is a hot and humid day here, but we are getting things done despite this. I have even gotten in some baking including two new loafs of bread, a fresh batch of granola bards, and some scones for this week. The dogs were outside for a while with me and then came in and crashed under the ceiling fans to cool off.

Bax n Chase

I am hoping to get some more inside chores and organization done now that I am inside for a while hiding from the heat. Makes me grateful this Sunday for AC and fans 😉 I am also grateful for the new visitors that came to our church today. As some of you know hubby and I joined a very small rebuilding church last September and are very active with this church ever since. I play the piano, help with the kiddos, bake for events and Sunday service, and help wherever is needed. Because hubby works he can’t help every Sunday, but shows leadership in other ways like though handyman work, helping at bible studies, and pitching in where he can and is asked to. This weeks project for us is repairing the current church sign as well as sanding and repainting it. The current sign is just basically two old doors hinged together that we can sit outside of the school we use each Sunday. It will be nice to give it a face lift 🙂  We also have church friends who are moving soon so we will be busy helping them pack and move before August 1st. We have a busy week ahead and wish you all a blessed and “cool” week 🙂

Hikes and Battlefields…

It was such a nice day, perfect weather for a hike. We went to a local battlefield and hiked all over that place. The dogs were in heaven… they LOVE to hike and walk.







My wonderful hubby carried my camera backpack so I coud have both my lenses at hand and it also allowed us to carry water and such.

When we first got to the battlefield there were some painters their painting a pond…

In the pond was a goose swimming, it almost looked as if he was posing for the painters.

A little further up the way and in the river there were two families of geese… Mom, Dad, and babies.

The fields had beautiful flowers in them today all in full bloom.

Then we went from the fields and river to the mountain. There were so many planes today…

The pups took a rest when we got back from the mountain on one of the old house steps.

On the way out of the battlefield we saw a bird we have a difference of opinion on what it was… any ideas?

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend with lots of fun and beautiful weather. Have a blessed week 🙂

Soggy Sunday after Sunny Saturday…

It started raining shortly after we got done at the Flower and Garden festival my Mom and I went to yesterday. It was so sunny and beautiful the entire time we were at the show and I had to sing a little praise to God for holding off the rain till after we got to see the whole festival. I got so many good shots I want to make a slide show for you to watch… but I have to figure this out first on my new computer, then figure out how to post it. My husband and I have been sharing his computer for a while and finally I have saved enough for one of my own 🙂 (Big smile, I will post a photo of it once my new lid for it comes in).

Anyways back to the garden show. There were so many cool plants, flowers, and crafts there. I have never been to a garden show like this and my Mom and I want to make this a tradition. So here are a few of my favorites for you to enjoy especially if you are having a rainy day like me (heavy on the rain).

I saw this on the way into the show in someones yard... I thought it was pretty. I think it is an Allium Onion Flower.


A tree waterfall

The castle door

A glass flower... this guy made them out of old bowls and plates, etc.


One of many waterfalls

Rows of flowers, vegetables, and herbs to buy 🙂

A friendly pup I saw

My motto for the next few days...

Look what my husband brought home…

You will never guess what my husband brought home from the yard sale’s this weekend… We have never spent this much at a yard sale before…

Are you ready for this?

Three Farmall Tractors...










It appears he got a good deal and he and my Dad had decided to use them as projects they can do together. Any one want to buy a tractor??? They all run and start. The smallest is a Farmall Cub and has a woods mower on the bottom. We spent the afternoon mowing the back yard with the Cub, I am pretty sure my hubby and Dad want to keep this one.













The dogs had a grand day as they got to ride to help us pick them up. The Farmall H (the biggest one) I had to drive back home from the guy hubby bought them from, while my Dad brought the other two home on a trailer I loaded them on to. The dogs ran all around the yard and made themselves tired.













So after Chase took a rest he spotted something and took off after it…

A fox in the field...








I didn’t know if I should call him back or let him give that fox a message our hens are not for his dinner…

At this time our chickens were enjoying a nice snack of grain in their coop oblivious of their protector Chase going after that fox...













We got him back, but not until after he had scared the fox off…

The sun set just as we got done with things and it was another beautiful one 🙂








Hope y’all had a great weekend. Have a blessed week 🙂

Easter Supper and Deviled Eggs

We had quite a meal today…

It included… ham, deviled eggs, brussels sprouts with bacon, stuffing, green bean casserole, pop overs, and that in the back is sparkling apple cider 🙂

Cheddar onion pop overs

As you can see I had a pretty good plate…







I also liked our mums centerpiece.







I thought I would share my recipe for my deviled eggs and see if any of you had other ways you make them.

Ingredients: 12 egg yolks, 2 big spoon full of your favorite mayo, 4 tbsp spicy brown mustard, 4-6 tablespoons sweet relish, 2 tsp garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste, and paprika to top.










Mix the egg yolks, mayo, mustard, sweet relish, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Fill it into the egg shells (I use a piping bag with a big tip as the relish usually gets stuck in the smaller ones)

The empty piping bag and tip I used and 2 that were too small









Top with paprika and serve 🙂







Do you have any other ingredaents you use?

Happy Easter!

The Lord is risen… blessed be the day 🙂 








A Sunday Drive…

When I was a little girl my mom, dad, and I would always take Sunday drives. We would go all over the state and sometime to other states if time permitted. Sometimes our Sunday drives would happen on Saturdays if we wanted to drive too far, as usually Sunday we went to church. These are some of my favorite memories from my childhood.

When I met my husband he also had the same experience as a child so we decided to incorporate these “Sunday drives” into our relationship. We felt it was important to have this time and to keep them as part of our family traditions.  We really enjoy them and find it is really a time to connect, talk, and relax.

So today we took one of our drives after he got home from work. We drove into Maryland and I found a lot of photo opportunities. I thought I would share some.

First we went by this little church, I thought the stained glass windows and steeple were very neat.









On one of the back roads we had to put on our brakes rather quickly as a chicken almost ran out in front of us…






Then we found this little park we could walk the dogs along a stream.






















Next we found some neat farms, barns, and fence lines.







Some cows were wondering what I doing... I think they thought I was a crazy lady taking pictures of their farm.




















On the way home I saw some what looked like wooden crosses along side an old barn. I thought they were neat.








It was a nice day, despite the migraine I had, and I enjoyed the ride.

Do you have any family traditions you have carried over into your family now? Were you able to do any on those today?

Roy Rogers and Horses

Today I was walking through the living room cleaning and saw my husband had Roy Rogers on the TV. Now I don’t think he knew what he was watching as he was asleep. I remember as a kid watching reruns and wanting to ride a horse like Roy. Now if you know anything about Roy you know he has a trusty horse Trigger and of coarse a dog Bullet that can help him get the bad guys. I think Baxter and Chase would protect me if they had to, but I don’t think I could send them trailing after a bad guy and expect a lot of success. But, that’s ok they have other jobs they do very well.

Now back to Roy and riding… I have ridden since I was a little kid, but never was really brave enough to do any more than learn to barrel race and ride. I always wondered what it would be like to meet some of the old stars like Roy and know how they felt when riding. When my Dad had his accident and became paralyzed we had to sell our farm and most things on it to pay the bills. Since then my husband and I try to ride when we go on vacation or if we get other opportunities. This goes along with our dream to have our ranch/farm someday so we can teach our kids to be responsible while having fun, just like Roy did.

I think that is what I like most about Roy. He always encouraged kids to be responsible, have faith, and to be active outdoors. He loved kids and despite lot of outside pressure never caved from his faith and his dedication to his family. On and off screen he fought for the good guys and showed true internal strength.

I hope some day my husband and I can show/teach these same values to our kids.

For now we can can practice with the dogs…

Have a good week. Love, Baxter and Chase

Sunday the day of rest…

So today is supposed to be a day of rest and in some households it is. In my household we try to honor this, however today it was not so easy to do. I had so many other things to do yesterday that the house list from Saturday got moved to today. Todays list included cleaning (including closets, drawers, floors, rugs, dusting, polishing, dishes, and laundry), grocery shopping, taking care of the pups and chickens (who are running around the yard), and a little light cooking. I am too tired to make my original plan of Pot Roast and not just any pot roast, the Best Pot Roast in the World (recipe to come hopefully tomorrow). I decided to take a break and write a post and see if anyone was out there… I hope you had a good Sunday that was less busy than mine. Blessings for the coming week.

Some of the chickens...