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Chase Swims

We are well into summer and since I’m feeling better from my recent surgery the doctor said I can try to get back into shape by waking some.  On a recent walk hubby and I took Chase to a park where he can swim. Now Baxter will have nothing to do with swimming so he just stood by and watched.  But our boy Chase … Read More Chase Swims

Happy Summer Weekend!

We had a couple of nice weather day’s this week, a couple of rainy and stormy days, and a couple of hot days. The dogs were happy to go out on the nice days and as always Chase was out with us even when it was hot. We got some more chores done around the property and started on some inside things that need … Read More Happy Summer Weekend!

Frozen Water

I came across this photo tonight as I was searching of what to write about. I just loved how the camera captured the water moving around Chases feet. It seems to have frozen the water in motion. This was back from when we were just teaching him to be comfortable in the water. Now he is becoming a good swimmer. What a happy swimmer … Read More Frozen Water

Dog Days…

Our Chase is becoming quite the swimmer. He is loving the water more and more and gaining more confidence to swim. He is such a good boy 🙂 I guess when they say this is the dog days of summer that they mean all the dogs who love to swim and play 🙂 I hope you get this kind of day if you haven’t … Read More Dog Days…