We prepared for the pending ice and snow storm predicted for our area today after Baxter had his end of the year Therapy Dog visit to the library. It was so cold with the wind and the dogs were out trying to help us. Once we got back inside the pups were ready for dinner and to find a warm spot…Chase snuggled

They have their Christmas blankets to snuggle under…Baxter snuggled

Right now they are asleep snug and warm. I want to let those who have already been affected by this storm our prayers have been with you. I hope the storm will decrease in the ice factor before it gets to us. Luckily, I don’t have to work again until Tuesday so we are ready with wood for the fire, generator with extra gas, food that can be heated easily by the wood stove, etc. It will also give me time to finish wrapping Christmas presents and do my Christmas cards. So if you are affected by this storm snuggle up and stay warm. Have a happy week to come 🙂

Saturday Sun

Hello Readers, Followers, and Guests…. Spring is trying to arrive. The sun has been out for the second day in a row and despite the cooler wind you can feel the warmth trying to break through.Sun on Water

The dogs have been out since we got up this morning playing with the chickens and barking at people coming by the driveway. I hope the wind will go away so the warm sun can heat things up nicely 🙂 Geese

The geese are coming back, another sign that spring is on its way. Today we plan to till the garden for the first time to get all the good stuff into the soil before plating. We usually try to till twice, but was not able to last year as we took too long to get around to it. Not making that mistake this year 😉 Baxter has his Therapy Dog event at the library today and Chase is going along for the ride. We hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend 🙂

God Smiles

Today is another therapy dog day. Baxter seems excited to be going somewhere and he has a special friend joining us. The day started out foggy… So foggy I couldn’t even see the neighbors barn. It is sleeting a little and rainy, but I am glad no snow as the chickens can still get out. I also can’t complain considering I know a lot of you are having lots of snow . The sun sets have been quite pretty in our part of the country despite the bad weather.Sky shine

I always look at the rays coming out of the cloud and am grateful for all the gifts God has given us. The rays just seem like a smile from God 🙂 I hope you have a blessed and warmer Saturday 🙂

My Dog Could Win Westminster…

So I admit it… I have been hooked the last two night to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Now I have two mixed bread dogs so I know they can not win this dog show…. but they have won the Dog of My Heart Show.Chase n Bax

I love Baxter for his patients, smarts, ability to sleep when I need him to, and his great work as a therapy dog 🙂Bax snow face

I love Chase for his energy, loyalty, ability to try his hardest to do what I ask of him, and his cute little face I just LOVE 🙂Chase jacket

I could say many more great things about my pups…. but you can tell I love them, as they are often the center of my blog and my happiness 😉

Advetures in Canning

So my new hobby this year is canning. I mentioned before I think that I have tried canning corn relish, tomatoes, and jelly. Wendesday and Thursday I started to can my from scratch tomato sauce as I have so many tomatoes and the sauce has filled up the freezer (along with my home-made chicken stock: which I plan to try to can later-more to come 😉 ) I have been happy with my canning efforts so far, but want to step it up and fill up the pantry more for the coming winter. I have seen many others canning idea and have found a few more to try including apple sauce, chicken stock, and dilly beans.

Tomato sauce, corn salsa, jelly (on top), and tomatoes

My husband will tell you I can not sit still so when things quiet down I find a new hobby to fill my time. I have taken on baking, cooking, therapy dog event’s with Baxter, some agility training with Chase, cleaning, blogging, gardening (flower, fruits, and veggies), cleaning for an elderly couple once a month to help them out, numerous bible studies, and may other things. I find being busy keeps me happy and focused. My mom says I have been this way all my life… always the busy child. So we shall see where this new canning adventures take me… wish me luck 😉

(If you have any tips or canning ideas please feel free to leave them for me 🙂 )

Beauty in the sky and words…

It’s a beautiful night. Baxter had his therapy dog event today and did well, as usual. He loves kids and they love him. I hope you had a blessed week as it comes to a close…. I have received many beautiful comments this week and appreciate them all. I will leave you with a verse that has come to me as I have thought about these comments…

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youth grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.- Isaiah 40:29-31

Easter Preperation… including chickens, eggs, therapy dog work, and at the center Jesus

The day before Easter… over 2,000 years ago a dark day, Jesus was thought to be dead, today most people go on as usual. Today Baxter and I will be doing some more therapy dog work. Yesterday we went to a nursing home to visit people for the holiday and today is his therapy dog day at the library.

This week we started getting our first speckled eggs from the chickens. All the new girls are laying now so we are getting lots of eggs 🙂 Due to this, the request from the family for Easter is lots of deviled eggs (my family loves them).

This week I also tried a new Easter treat to share with the people I work with (my husband and Dad got one too)… edible Birds Nests 🙂

I was told they are yummy and delicious as I gave them all away and forgot to try one myself.


They are easy to make just melt one bag of peanut butter chips (or white chocolate, or whatever you like, or want the nests the color of). I used peanut butter as I wanted that color and taste.

Melt them in a pan, over medium/low heat, stir it the whole time as it will melt quickly. When it is melted stir gently in one can or 1/2 a bag of chinese noodles till coated.

Then I took a muffin tin, sprayed it generously with cooking spray (spray it a lot as these will stick) and then used it to form the baskets to set up. It takes about 15-20 minute to set (if you want to set them faster put it in the fridge for 10 minutes).

Then use a butter knife to pop each nest out of the tin (be careful to pop each side first before popping the whole nest out).

Then I let them set for a minute and then added in malt ball eggs I found at the local store (you could also use jelly beans or other types of candy that would represent the eggs). I liked the malt balls (especially the blue ones) as they look just like little eggs. Then you can keep them at room temperature in an air tight container or I think they would freeze well.

This whole process took me under 30 minutes and my coworkers LOVED them. I also think you could use them as place setting just add a little slip of paper with the person’s name behind the eggs.

I also already started the Easter Baskets for fun. The dog’s is done…

Yes, they are spoiled...


When Baxter and I get home I hope to work in the garden and get started on supper for tomorrow and begin my Easter sugar cookies (more on these later). I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Saturday.



Dogs and chickens…

Baxter and one of "The Girls"

I am not really sure what our dogs first thought when the chickens were relocated to their yard home and were running around in the same space our pups spend time. Chase didn’t know if he should chase them, play with them, or run from them when they tried to peck him. Baxter on the other hand could care less he just wanted to get ahold of the ‘little treats’ they left around the yard. There is now a calm harmony developed in our yard, as the dogs and chickens just go about their business and mostly ignore each other. It’s funny to watch this scene and as long as they keep to themselves it is a happy yard. With the last few days being rainy and colder it has been hard to finish the coop and not get the boards and paint dry. Hopefully we will by this weekend to give our girls more space to lay.

I won’t be on tomorrow as I have a conference to go to, but will be back Friday. Happy Thursday!


They love to ride...

I was watching my pups today and again realized how much they act like brothers. The way they play, share, don’t share, and act… it’s almost human at times. My pups bring me such joy and love. It’s truly a blessing to have them in my life. I thought I would share this photo with you today as I took it recently while we were traveling back from one of the numerous events my pups are in that bring other’s joy. Don’t let them fool you, they get joy from it too. Goodnight all…

Tales of Baxter the Therapy Dog…

So last night was Read Across America… Baxter did an exceptional job with all the crowd of kids, parents, grandparents, characters (as they were also celebrating Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Birthday and had people in custume there for the kids), and other people passing. He was attentive and kind, even when the kids who were a little too rough. For his efforts and good behavior he was rewarded with some ice cream…

The boys love ice cream...

As you can see Chase needed a reward for having to wait for us with his daddy in the truck and not getting to go into the mall with us.

I couldn’t get a good shot of Baxter with the kids, all I could get in the commotion was this one…

Proud TDI dog

I think Baxter and I would be willing to do this again if the chance arose. Baxter seemed to soke up all the attention, smells (can you  say food court), and sights of a mall. I think the smells were his favorite;)

The night and event went well. I hope you all had a good Saturday.

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