Snow… Snow.. Snow… Cold

The snow came down the other day. I was so happy to be inside (not happy to be sick, but grateful I didn’t have to go outside). The neighbors barn was barley visible in the snow.

Barn snow

Our tractors were hard to see as well until the snow slowed down…tractor snow

It was a pretty snow and the coop roof was covered in a matter of hours, but it helped to keep the heat in for the chickens.

Coop snow

The trees were heavy with snow… Tree snow

And the branches were bowing under the weight… heavy tree snow

Everything was covered by the snow. Snow cover

Towards evening the little light we had was going away and the night was taking over.

Dark snow

Since the big snow there have been more flurries. Flurries

But the biggest thing has been the cold. It has been below 0* outside late evenings, night, and early morning. The snow was deep and getting the coop dug out took some effort on hubbys part since I was not in full functioning order.

coop sun snow

When the sun finally came out the snow was so pretty and nice to look out upon. Sun Snow

Hope your are safe if you are having this snow and hope it doesn’t prevent you from having blessed weekend. 🙂


Sun to Snow

Just a few days ago the leaves on the trees were beautiful, the sun was out, and the weather cool but not too cold. Our trees in the front yard gave off a gorgeous color…Fall Trees

Monday it was cold, but hubby was still able to get out and work on the tractors and start a fire…Lorne tractor

Today however on the day before Thanksgiving it looks like this…Ground Snow

The snow has come very early this year and makes me think we may get a lot of snow this winter…Tree snow

Chase had to go check it out…

Chse sno

I just hope my mom and step-father get here safe tonight. I don’t remember snow before Thanksgiving around here is a very long time. Is kind of nice though to get some snow if it is going to be so cold 😉

Preparing for the weather…

So supposedly we are going to get up to 3 feet of snow between 11 PM tonight and tomorrow sometime. I have yet to see a drop of rain they predicted we would have by now and the temperature is still in th upper 30’s. Tractor

When hubby and I first heard of the storm we knew we had to do a few things to get ready. So, yesterday we cleaned up the chicken coop, the laying boxes, the water, the feed troughs, the floor, etc and disinfected it since we had the lady die on Sunday (and are still not sure what she died from). We cleaned everything up and got rid of old bedding, etc. Then we sprayed some animal safe stuff to disinfect the boxes and sleeping areas. We then let it all dry and air out, added nice new bedding back, and made sure the heat light was still working. The girls seem happy with a clean coop and run. Tonight hubby made sure there was extra food out, scratch all over for them to find in the run, and a full water bucket. We did all this incase we actually get the snow they are predicting and we can’t get out to them in the morning.

Hubby also made sure things were tied down as they said the snow will be accompanied by wind. We made sure the generator was on the porch and full of gas ready to go. There is food in the house, propane in the grill, and treats for the dogs to keep them busy tomorrow as if it snows they won’t get out as much. We are as ready as we will get… so I guess all we need now is the snow 😉

I woke up this morning and saw…

SnowSnow 2Snow 3

Isn’t it lovely? Got a couple of inches total… just enough to make things look pretty and clean 🙂

Inspiring Awards…

I have been nominated for two more awards… the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Inspiring Blogger Award… I am not sure if they are the same thing… but since I don’t know I am going to address both of them.  I didn’t want to wait much longer to thank the generous bloggers who gave me the award nominations. Thank you Literary Tiger from and Simply Joys from .  Simple Joys has some lovely photos and quotes in a simple and elegant way. Literary Tiger has a whole blog about books… don’t we all love books 🙂

The rules appear the same for both so I will do them as such…. 

1.  Thank the person who nominated you -(see above)

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.  Nominate 15 other bloggers that you admire or inspire you

4.  Go leave a comment and let the people know you have nominated

My Seven things…

  1.  I love to read the bible and learn all I can about how to be a better person.
  2. I enjoy looking at and tending flowers.. they always make me smile.
  3. I like old records and listing to music… you can use music to make you feel better, calm you down, wake up, etc.
  4. I like to play board games.
  5. I enjoy hiking, especially with the pups 🙂
  6. I love old tractors. I think farmers are an important part of our country and are not acknowledged enough. I learned to drive a big farm tractor almost as soon as I could see above the steering wheel.
  7. I believe in trying to do one good deed a day to bless someone else.

The nominations for the Inspiring Blog Award…

Ok so this was hard the last time… so many of you have already received these awards. So I chose a few I saw did not have this award/badge.

Thanks again  Literary Tiger from and Simply Joys from I enjoy both your blogs. Many blessings to all of my followers 🙂

And the rain came down, down, down…

So the weather man was right again… rain all day. It really made the morning hard for us to get to the doctors appointments and then to run errands. There were numerous accidents and people driving slowly. We were late for the first doctor, but so was everyone behind us so we were still seen. When we got home the chickens were out in the yard getting a bath and they got some of the scrap cauliflower for a treat. The rain was coming down hard and the tractors were eerie distant in the rain…

The rose-bush seemed to enjoy another drink and is getting so big with all the rain…







It’s one of those afternoons that I don’t mind the rain now that I am home. I got a nap, the garden is getting water, and I don’t have to feel bad about resting and reading. I hope you have a blessed week 🙂



Home Values and Love

The boys are trying to stay as cool as they can today. It tried to rain earlier, but that only made the humidity go up. I was out earlier this morning in the garden watering and checking on the plants. Things seem to be growing well. I wanted to water before it got too hot and caused all the water to evaporate.

When I got home the chickens were staying cool in the shade. (Aren’t “the girls” so cute 😉 )

I am in the mood for wadding… the river that runs through the battlefield we went to earlier in the week is calling my name…

This weekend promises to be a busy one. Tomorrow I am going over to the elderly couples house we bought the tractors from ( to help them clean. They asked me if I could come over to help them clean house once a month as they are having difficulty keeping up. Then hubby and I have errands to run, house to clean (for Sunday), and want to take the pups for a walk. Sunday we have my husband’s best friend and his family coming over for lunch and to hang out.

I have been thinking lately more and more about if our home portrays the values and beliefs we have. When friends, family, and their kids come over (we have had a lot of visitors over the last few months) do they see our belief in God, our love for others, and our love for each other. I am happy to say in most areas we are doing well, but there is always room for improvement. I think you can make New Years resolutions all year-long… so mine for the next few weeks is to see if there are ways I can create a warm, God valued filled, and healthy environment for those who come into our home.  Is there anything you do to create this in your home?

Sunny day… Chasing the clouds away

Today was another sunny day! We had to take advantage of it as Mr. Weatherman says it’s going to rain all day tomorrow.

The chickens discovered today one of our fence posts had come loose and they showed us they know how to try to get out… that’s fixed now.







I was reading a post the other day (I’m sorry to say I forgot who it was – if it’s you let me know) the lady writing it was sharing her black dog loved to lay in the sun…

We have one of those...

My wonderful hubby finished weed eating the fence line… it looks good now.

The only problem today again was the wind. It blew all night and knocked things over. Today it is making sure it tries its hardest to blow the leaves off the trees in surprise attacks.

I worked in the garden and placed my new wire trellis I got to let my cucumbers climb on this year.










My onions are coming up and I am so excited to see the fruits of my labor starting to grow.







I am so looking forward to the weather staying nice and being able to put the rest of my plants in so they can grow big.


Baxter and Chase wanted to wish all my followers, readers, and visitors a Happy Weekend !

P.S. Anyone know what song and from what show my blog title came from today?


Fabulous Friday

After work today my husband and father decided it was time to get all the tractors running right since it is supposed to rain all weekend. This included a new battery for one, oil, and other types of tune up things. So the tractors where line up for inspection of what they would need (including my Dad’s old Ford tractor)…







Most just need to be run a little and driven, the Farmall C needed the battery, and a couple of the others need an oil change.

The dogs spent their afternoon exploring and running in the fields behind our house.

Baxter having a good run

Chase explores one of the tractors


The chickens spent time exploring more of the yard and eating some treats we put out for them.

I think it is so funny when "the girls" have their tails up in the air...

It’s been such a busy day this post will be short, but it is big on happy blessed weekend wishes for you all!

Shaping up…

It’s shaping up to be the first HOT day of the year.







The chickens are getting ready by keeping hydrated…







The dogs are enjoying what is left of the cool grass…

Baxter in the grass, my dad in the background behind one of the new (well old) tractors.









My husband and I are off to run errands. I thought I would leave you today with a couple of pictures of the tractors my husband bought over the weekend (see yesterdays post…d-brought-home/).

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