Snow Dogs on the Hunt

Our boys love to play in the snow especially when you are out with them. They love to run in any wide open space and find new places to explore.

Baxter snow

Our Chase is pretty intrigued when he is around any barn and is always trying to sniff out the critters. He is usually on high alert during these times not wanting to miss a thing.

chase barn

The have enjoyed the snow now that it isn’t so cold and windy, yet now the snow is almost gone and the grass is showing, so there probably won’t be much snow for them to play in tomorrow. That’s okay because warmer weather means more hiking and walking on trails. Do you have any favorite trails or hiking spots near you that you or you and your pups like to go?

Trail Bridge

We went on a nice long walk this evening. It was cool enough on this trail we like to just take out time and walk. The dogs seemed to really enjoy themselves, yet were happy when we got back to the truck as they were ready to have the windows down and ride home. I love it when we get to explore on a trail. We went on a different part of this trail and a little further then normal. On one part of the trail there is this old bridge the train goes over…Stone BridgeThe trail we take runs parallel at times to some train tracks. Often when walking we have a train rumbling by us. The dogs have gotten used to the noise and don’t pay it any mind now. It’s neat to see the trains go by and try to guess what is in the cars. This trail was really peaceful today and we didn’t run into many others on it, so at time it felt as it belonged just to us. It was a good end to the day. Now that we are home the chickens have finally come out as the heat went down and are pecking around the yard. Happy chickens I hope will lead to good eggs ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you had a blessed Saturday and blessings for the week to come ๐Ÿ™‚

ATV’s and outdoors

I wanted to share something tonight I feel strongly about. We as humans benefit from being outdoors. It helps with mood, energy, spirit, and health. Kids especially need to be outdoors and play. It helps them with mood, energy, creativity, imagination play, social skills building, self-esteem building, and so much more.

I thought I would share with you one of my husbands and my favorite outdoor activities (as we have many). On our one year anniversary (many moons ago now it feels like) we decided to do an outdoors trip which included riding ATV’s through the mountains at an ATV park in Pennsylvania. We had a great time and always enjoy riding ATV’s.

This is me on an ATV in PA.

There were all sorts of trails to ride on from easy to super hard and we enjoyed most of the light to moderate trailsย (and a couple of the harder ones) as we felt since we don’t get to ride that often on trails like this it would be safest. It had been raining all day and we ended up covered from head to toe in mud (you may not be able to see it here, but we were). Even in the rain we had a blast and built memories that will last a long time.

This is my husband on the ATV.

This is another thing I love about the outdoors, the memories you can make. I hope you have outdoor plans for this weekend if your weather is nice. Even if it rains the puddles can be fun to jump in especially if you have little one… or even a pup or two ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you or you families have favorite outdoor activities? If so please share them with me ๐Ÿ™‚