Road Trip 2016

So I have been missing for a while… life got busy, I had so much going on, and I had a long road trip to go on with hubby and the pups. Hubbys nephew graduated from high school so we started out going to Indiana… May 2016 306

Then to Arkansas… with other trips to Missouri and Oklahoma. Oh my I loved this road trip because of beautiful scenery and some of the fun things we got to see and do. I have much to post about and I hope I can… but since I said we started in Indiana I have to show you my sister-in-laws new baby kittens.


We got to see them when they were a few days old and they were tiny and sweet. Hubbys nephew did a great job with his valedictorian speech and we are happy for him. Next on to Arkansas and the in-laws.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today my Mom turns —. Its her special day and she deserves a great big Birthday wish 🙂 My mom is a great lady and a great mom. She always tries to help hubby and I, is there when you need to talk, will lend a helping hand with any project we have around our place, and loves her granddogs 🙂


When I was growing up she always made sure I had many experiences, got to do a lot of what I wanted to, and got to travel a lot. From horses, to sports, travels to Europe, visiting most of the United States, to numerous pets, karate, piano, clarinet, other instruments, and so much more. I got to do a lot and see a lot, but mostly I got to feel loved a lot. See when I did these activates she was right there much of the time traveling with me, watching my sporting events, watching my music recitals, band gigs, or whatever I was involved in at the time. She said “I love you” a lot, gave my hugs and kisses, took good care of me when I was sick, and still kept good boundaries and made me follow the rules so I learned to be responsible, kind, and giving.


So here is to you Mom and Granddogmom 🙂 We all love you and can’t wait to see you very soon 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂


Sometimes I feel like this…
May 2014 067
Like I’m driving down a road with no end, not really sure where I am going. The drivers in front of me seem to know their destination and exit the road as needed, but I keep driving. Down a long winding highway knowing it goes somewhere, but not being able to see around each bend or above each valley I go into.
When we visited Indiana something changed for me, or maybe I should say grew. I am tired of the business of where we live and so many people. I remembered being a country girl and having animals and responsibility around me in the form of feed times, animal care, etc. I miss the slower pace of life, the open spaces, and nicer people. I don’t know if this desire will come true or if its just a detour thought for what God has planned. I just know I am on a road… a road to somewhere.

Louisville Zoo…

While on our trip we did a lot of driving to check out land and new places. We also had a day of fun and went to Louisville to the Sluggers Museum and the zoo. I took a lot of photos at the zoo and thought I would share some with you today 🙂

There were tigers…


And Lions…


And polar bears… oh my… and this particular polar bear liked to put on a show for the crowd by jumping off a rock. Only this polar bear didn’t just climb on the rock and jump… he would act like he was going to jump then not… once… twice…

Poler Bear 1

Then on the third time he would finally jump…

Polar Bear 2

And make a big splash…

Polar Bear 3

The rhino’s were up for some good photos…


Ant then these eagles were in an open areas. I guess they couldn’t fly anymore so there was no concern of them escaping so they didn’t need a cage…


It was a nice zoo and a beautiful day to be at the zoo 🙂


So as promised yesterday I will fill you in on our trip. Today its all about the graduate (my hubbys nephew and so by marriage my nephew as well) 🙂 He graduated from a small Christian academy in Indiana. His father (my brother-in law), is the pastor at this smallish church and one day about a decade ago he and my sister in law decided there needed to be a good Christian school for their kids, and others, to attend. So they talked about it with their church and started the school. My nephew was the first one to graduate doing all of his schooling, kindergarten to 12th grade, though only this school.

Evan grad

Each of the graduates made a table for the graduation with pictures, awards, etc that showed what they did while in school. (Nephew above with his table and yes he is tall 6’5″ to be exact at age 18) There were only two seniors who graduated. Each night they have different events for the graduation. Wednesday there is a church service… Thursday a banquet where who whole school gathers for awards, a slide show, etc and all the kids dress up like it is prom (they don’t have dances so this is the one time the kids get to dress up outside of their normal dress up code for school). Friday is the actual graduation and the kindergarten and 6th graders graduate as well. The best part of the school is their motto…


It was a nice graduation and unlike any others I had been to. The kids have a real respect for adults, each other, and themselves 🙂

Bush’s- The Bean

While on our anniversary trip (over a month ago now) we stumbled upon a neat museum for Bush’s Baked Beans…Bushes sign

There was actually a lot to do  from the café, to a movie on the history of Bush’s, to the artifacts and photos of the Bush’s family, to a big can of beans you walk though and see how the canning processing works…. Bushes Can

They even had a scale that tells you how many beans you weigh… I got hubby on it so I could take this photo…Bushes bean weight

I really loved this cute piggy they had flying at the end of the museum part… Bushes PigThe gift shop was really neat and I got some really cool chicken socks. They even had a cool bathroom sink faucets… I know it may be weird to take a photos of the faucet but it was so cool…Bushes sink If you are ever in this part of TN you have to check it out. From the history to the fun activities it will appeal to kids and adults alike 🙂

Honking at me…

Hubby and I were out and I finally had my camera when we went by the train tracks… and a train was coming.TrainI stuck my head out the window to get a good shot and the train conductor gave me a few sounds of his whistle… then he waved 🙂 I couldn’t catch him waving in a picture, but it made me smile. Since I was little I have loved trains and just love to watch them come down the track, imagine what is inside the box cars, and think of where the train is headed.Train tacks

It is a good childhood memory that still gets me excited… every time I see a train coming down the tracks 😉 Where are your tracks leading?

Barns of Gratitude

While driving hubby and I do a lot fo talking and I do a lot of thinking. As many of you know I love old barns and taking photos of them… on a recent trip I saw this old barn and it was decked out old fashion style for Christmas….

Barn with wreath

I feel blessed and grateful that there are still places like this for kids to see as I sure appreciate them 🙂

Gratitude… in the mundane of life


This past week hubby and I took some time off after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas decorations, get the property, chicken coop, house, etc ready for the winter, and to get some much needed rest from stress. As I went throughout the week I noticed things we had on our list getting done and I felt a sence of calm and peace about it. Looking back I see in those moments I was truly grateful for getting the mundane things done…. for the every day of life… and the quality time chores bring for hubby and I. Chores are never “fun”, but they can be almost “fun” when shared with someone we love. As someone once told me… many hands make light work. So today as I reflect on this weeks value/feeling, I see how gratitude play out in the little things for us and how gratitude allows for peace and serenity about things that otherwise would be hard if not for a little help and change of perception. 🙂

Winter Barn…

One of the roads hubby and I drive on when we just need to get out and drive has this old barn on it. I am not sure what it is about it, but it appeals to my old-time senses. I just can imagine all the crops, animals, people, and season it has seen. What stories it must hold 🙂 It just gives me hope that somewhere there is a farm out there for hubby and I and maybe one day we will be looking at our own barn and thinking of all the memories it holds 🙂

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