Are you watching the Olympics? So many events going on and all on the snow or ice…. burrrrr. I love watching people compete and perform in sporting events, and all the new events this year is very cool…but since the ice storm here anything I watch that has to do with snow or ice just makes me cold. Shed snow

Still I am rooting for our team and wish them the best of luck… work hard, do your best, and make your fellow countrymen proud (even if it’s not a medal).


The other day while driving with hubby to run errands we passed this house. I noticed something immediately about this house. The tree out front had cast a perfect showed on the front of the house. I also noticed how neat the snow looked, with different colors and textures in it.

House shadow

Can you see the tree shadow?

House shodows

I just thought it was such a pretty sight and feel a unique calm when I look at the photo now. It’s amazing how God came up with all of these different nuances in our world and how we can miss things if we aren’t present in the moment.

Snow… Snow.. Snow… Cold

The snow came down the other day. I was so happy to be inside (not happy to be sick, but grateful I didn’t have to go outside). The neighbors barn was barley visible in the snow.

Barn snow

Our tractors were hard to see as well until the snow slowed down…tractor snow

It was a pretty snow and the coop roof was covered in a matter of hours, but it helped to keep the heat in for the chickens.

Coop snow

The trees were heavy with snow… Tree snow

And the branches were bowing under the weight… heavy tree snow

Everything was covered by the snow. Snow cover

Towards evening the little light we had was going away and the night was taking over.

Dark snow

Since the big snow there have been more flurries. Flurries

But the biggest thing has been the cold. It has been below 0* outside late evenings, night, and early morning. The snow was deep and getting the coop dug out took some effort on hubbys part since I was not in full functioning order.

coop sun snow

When the sun finally came out the snow was so pretty and nice to look out upon. Sun Snow

Hope your are safe if you are having this snow and hope it doesn’t prevent you from having blessed weekend. 🙂


Oh Christmas Tree… O Christmas Tree…

How lovely are your branches. Without fail every year since hubby and I got married (and when I was a child) we have gone to get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year was the same and the last few years my mom and step-dad have gone with us… which was great. We got to the tree farm about an hour before dark because we had been preparing the house for the tree and doing a little shopping earlier in the day.

The start of the tree farm...

The start of the tree farm…

We looked and looked and again found another “perfect” Christmas tree… we cut it down and my step-father volunteered to pull it back for us…Bob tree
Mom and hubby helped to make sure it didn’t fall off the cart we were using…Tree 3 pull
We always go to a local farm to cut down our tree. We like to support our local business. It has little bridges, cut outs, etc all over that make it a great time…Tree cutout
By the time we were half way back the sun was going down…Tree farm sun setting
I had not seen the sunset from this property before and it was a beauty…Tree farm sunsetTree farm sunset 2
It was a great way to end a hunt for the “perfect” tree 🙂

A Purple Tree Day

The trees in our front yard are so pretty when they bloom. This purple flower tree is one of my favorites and today gave me a smile as I had to go back to work and was still sick (about 80%).  Purple TreeWhen I see the tree it makes me hopeful and happy. It makes me think of a simpler time, a time when the world was not worried about ‘global’ warming, and you could lay on the grass staring up at flowers on a tree and not worry 🙂 With so much going on in hubby’s and my life it is nice to think of simpler things and beautiful things. It is nice to see a tree blooming in all its glory and enjoying a part of God’s beauty. My mom comes up for the weekend tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. I hope the weather will not be as bad as they say… if it is we will make the best of it. Happy pre-weekend 🙂

Happy Earth Day…

It is earth day… a day focused on how we can help keep the earth beautiful that God made so long ago. It is hard to imagine how beautiful and clean the earth was when God created it. It is saddening to think of all the damage humans have done to earth. It is good to know at least now we can do things like recycle, use less fuel, plant trees, plant our own food, care for our land, and so much more. All these small things help the big picture. We may not be able to control how big corporations harm our earth, but we can control what we do. Yel n red tulip

We planted two tress this year in honor of earth day, we care for our land, we car pool, recycle, and plant our food without pesticides… How are you going to celebrate our earth today and how are you going to give back to the planet you live on?


I woke up this morning expecting snow… All the weather channels said it was supposed to… Yet there was no snow instead this is what I saw on the trees…tree dew

I can’t say I was disappointed. I really didn’t want snow today. I know I usually love snow, but I am ready for some warm weather so I can be outside more and get things done 🙂 Dew tree

I hope you Dew have a good weekend 😉

We got a tree…

We have a family tradition that has occurred since I was a child and hubby and I continued since we met… We always go and get our Christmas tree from a local tree farm that we can cut down ourselves.

When I was a child these trees sometimes would come off our own land, but usually from a local farmer who would let us come in his Christmas tree farm and cut one of our very own. Now I always feel a little sad cutting down a perfectly good tree, but the smell it brings to the house and the beauty it brings makes my sadness turn around 🙂 I love fresh trees 🙂

Now hubby and I walk up and down the rows and rows of tree all over a local Christmas tree farm to find just the right tree that will fit in our house. I have a habit of picking a tree that is too tall and we can not get our topper on.  So we have learned to carry a tape measure with us and measure before we cut 🙂

Hubby starting to cut down our tree this year

Usually hubby starts cutting and I get to do the fun part… finishing the cutting down job 🙂

Me finishing the tree

The cool parts of the farms are all the cut outs and painted things around the farm…


They even had Charlie Brown…

And a plane carrying Santa…  

The day ends with hubby pulling the tree back to the truck.

Since my Dad has been living with us he has been going on his scooter so he can get though the fields and help us pick a tree. The dogs had to wait in the truck as they are not allowed in the field, but they have enjoyed smelling the tree since we got it home 🙂 So all in all it was a fun trip to the Christmas Tree Farm 🙂 Have you gotten your tree yet?

Friday… Black Friday…

Today on black friday I am grateful I don’t have to go out if I don’t want to and that staying home allows me to spend more time with the boys 🙂 Tomorrow it is get ready for Christmas… get the tree, put up decorations, lights on the house, wrap presents, and my favorite part… decorating the tree while listening to the first Christmas songs for the year. Have any of you started to get ready for the holidays yet? If so what have you done?

Bridge over calm waters…

Fall has finally started to arrive here in our part of Virginia. The leaves are changing and the weather has cooled.

It is such a nice time of year outside of the bad storms we had last night. Today we had time for a nice hike after work and dinner. We went on a new trail and had some fun. The dogs seemed to really enjoy all the new smells and sights 🙂 This weekend promises to hold some good weather for some more hiking. I have a lot of baking to do too… should be fun 🙂

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