Oh what a beautiful day…

Anyone know what musical this little song line comes from???

It has turned into a beautiful day today. The tulips have opened, the dogs are sunning, and the chickens are out and about (or laying). I opened all the windows to air out the house and spent some time after work sweeping up the floors of the house.

I thought I would share some photos from the yard…


My forever flower I got for Christmas made from metal and shaped like a daisy šŸ™‚

Light, flowers, and such

Yesterday I found a new color tulip in our yard. I don’t remember it in the past and I had not seen it yet this year. This yellow tulip was growing on the side of the house that gets the least sun in the day, but I tried to wait untill it had some sun before I took this.







I then noticed the pink tulip I have in the front flower bed was starting to open.










I thought it was just neat the way flowers grow and bloom. And that pink tulip was just beautiful with the white on the bottom, pink on top, and the slightly open flower. The cherry tree also had some more blooms and the light made the flowers pretty shinning though it (I don’t think I did it justice).







I also enjoyed the way the light was hitting our wood pile.







The chickens are outĀ and about today in the yard and the dogs are in the chair with me as I write this as I think they need some love this morning. It’s cloudy and chilly this morning. I hope it warms up and the sun comes out asĀ the yard needs to beĀ mowed and I want to plant some onion bulbs. I am off to do Sunday chores inside until my husband gets home from work. Have a blessed sunday šŸ™‚

Unique view…

So I thought I would talk today about encouraging a unique view to life. We are all different and have different views, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, etc.I thought with the weekend coming up we could all think of something unique to do that would be out of the ordinary from what we usually do or what someone else would usually do. This weekend IĀ am watching myĀ friends children (the one is the adorable child I featured a couple of days ago). Since they don’t live hereĀ and are moving close soon whileĀ their mom and dad house search the kiddosĀ and I will play.Ā Speaking of unique things to do… I thought I would share my view on some flowers I have found and wanted a unique view on… I hope you enjoy šŸ™‚





















I also think seeing things from a different view can help us and our children learn that if you look below the surface of things there is beauty. Is thereĀ something you learned by takingĀ a different view on it? If so please share. Have a beautiful weekend no matter what you do šŸ™‚

Save the Trees… (and my bird feeders)

Today started out cold…

Then itĀ rained…

Then it got really nice…

After it got nice outsideĀ my husband and I finally finished the new laying house for theĀ girls it is now installed and safe (I forgot to take pictures, I will try to later). I then took some time taking picturesĀ around the property. Here is what I found…

In the back yard our cherry tree was flowering…

Cherry tree flowers

The front yard was full of other pretty trees…

Front yard tree’s flowers
I think this is our pear tree
I forgot what this bush/tree is called, I just love the yellow flowers. Does anyone know what it is called?
Dogwood tree flowers


I then foundĀ more tulips and daffodils were blooming…









Red Tulip in our yard (I put a pink one under my photos menu)













The funny part of the day is the squirrel who is my husbands arch nemesis came out to tease my husband once again…

My husband keeps chasing him off and he comes back. I try to tell my husband it is useless to chase him, but the scene happens again and again… quite to my amusement šŸ™‚

What are your favorite trees in your yard?



A day for the birds…

Today is sunny and bright… the flowers survived the winds and the chickens are out in the yard looking for food.

The only problem is we were under a freeze warning last night and it is COLD today… Hopefully it will warm up so the dogs will go out and play. It would be a nice day to bundle up and go for a walk and see what new things are growing or blooming though.

I will be off to work in a little while…Do any of you have any funĀ plans for the day indoors or out?

Chicken coop, dogs, and life…

Today was the first nice day I had to be outside and work. The chicken house got a cleaning and I finished the new boxes for “the girls” (my Dad was helpful in this process as he had a lot of good ideas). “The Girls” ran around like crazy enjoying the bugs and other goodies that they could get now that the rain had stopped and the ground was still soft. The dogs and the chickens continue to learn how to share the yard space, but are doing very well so far…

The dogs and the chickens sharing the yard

"The girls" getting some grub

Chase and "the girls"



















Baxter decided to stand guard over the flock today (is a bunch of chickens a flock?)








The best news of the day is we got our first two

eggs with double yolks.

Yummy… they were delicious.





IĀ also did some gardening and planted things that could go in the ground now.Ā I finished putting seed in their pots to start growing to go in the ground later.

The birds were also out again and enjoying the bird feeders.

I couldn't get close enough without scaring this cardinal off








I also noticed out tulips had started to bloom and they are such a pretty red.











It was such a nice day… I hope it was for you too.

I wanted to thank all my new (and other) followers and anyone who has liked or left a comment.Ā IĀ really appreciate it as today has been my best day for traffic to my site yet šŸ™‚ I hope you all have a blessed week.