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Tis the season…. for Gratitude

So I thought I would start out my December posts with different feelings/values, I see as part of Christmas. To make this more manageable I thought each Sunday I would talk about a feeling/value and then post more about it as the week goes along. This week is GRATITUDE! What is gratitude? The dictionary defines it as… Gratitude- thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or … Read More Tis the season…. for Gratitude

Home Values and Love

The boys are trying to stay as cool as they can today. It tried to rain earlier, but that only made the humidity go up. I was out earlier this morning in the garden watering and checking on the plants. Things seem to be growing well. I wanted to water before it got too hot and caused all the water to evaporate. When I … Read More Home Values and Love