State Fair Barn Visit

In September we went to our State Fair. I have gone to the state fair in this state every year since we moved here,  except the year I got married and last year I wasn’t able to either. Instead of mom and dad going with me, now its usually mom, step-dad, and if I’m lucky hubby, if he is not working. They also moved the location of the fair and most people like it, but it just isn’t the same for me. There seems to be a lot less “stuff” and things going on at the fair. I don’t know if it is because agriculture and animals are not as important to people now as they used to be, except to those of us who care for them or those who do the farming and ranching, but it’s just not the same. It may be my own memories throwing it off because as a child the fair was my favorite part of the year, whether I was showing that year, or not. It was just good family time. Where the fair is held now, is the farm where “Secretariat” was born and kept.


This barn above is the barn that famous horse was kept and below is the plaque explaining that…


The stall is nothing special, but it is neat to see.


The state fair is over for the year and I am happy I got to go and hubby got to come as well. Even if it isn’t the same I still look forward to the State Fair every year. I love to watch all the kids and adults ride horses, show cows, and participate in all the competition there. Do you go to the state or local fairs in your state?

Never ending snow…

More snow today… More predicted for Wednesday and Thursday… I think the Olympics have caused the excess snow this year to keep us all in a Winter Olympics mood. At least the bird are enjoying full feeders and this woodpecker is a frequent visitor.


He seems to like the soot blocks best.

Woodpecker 2

Bad thing about the snow is it is covering all the ice up, that just makes it slicker. Getting to and from the chicken coop has been an adventure in trying not to fall carrying the water bucket


Slow Melt

While most of the south is beginning to recover from the snow… the snow here is sticking around from last week…


The sun has finally come out today and it’s melting some of the snow off the tractors and the road is mostly clear…

Sun tractor

The picnic table could use some work though…

picnic table

I guess it will just take time and a little more sunshine… I’m okay with that 🙂


The Buck

While out the other day on one of our drives we saw so many deer out. It was the beginning of the afternoon and there were deer around every turn… every time we turned a corner or went down another road… there was another deer. In one field we saw this youngish buck…BuckHe stood there for a while until he was done looking at us then he took off…BUck 2He was a handsome buck and seemed to like staring at us. It was an interesting ride.

Flower and Garden Festival

Yesterday my mom and step-father came up for the local Flower and Garden Festival held in a couple towns over from us. It was a sunny day, but again that old wind showed its cold breath. It was warmer when the wind was not blowing, but when Mr. Wind came around you needed a warm jacket and hat. Luckily the sunshine showed all day and warmed your face 🙂 Yel Tulips

The festival is one we attended last year for the first time and had such a fun time. This year it seemed there were not as many vendors or flowers, but the flowers that were there showed their beauty.multi tulips

There were a lot of other fun things there too…Birdhouse

And the crowd was huge again…Croud

I felt like I was being watched at times…Owls

But it turned out to be some cute little owls 😉 And maybe a turtle…Turtle

Soft Breeze

Today was a productive day despite my migraine. We got a lot done that I will post about later this week 🙂 Wow it was a busy day… but a beautiful one. It got up into the 70* and at times was a little warm… but I didn’t mind it was a nice change from the cold and windy weather. The wind today was a welcomed breeze that floated by you and made you smile. Tonight I sat out back and just watched… the sky, the breeze moving the trees, the dogs exploring the evening…. it was what I have been waiting for all winter 🙂 Hope you had as beautiful day as I did despite any challenges you may have faced 🙂hay n wall

Snow to Sun

Two days ago it looked like this…Fence snow

Today it was sunny and looked like this…Red Barn

Funny how it can go from freezing to sunny… not to say it wasn’t freezing even though it was sunny the wind was blowing so hard. I was expecting to come home and find the chickens unable to move and frozen against the fence. They were all moving around when I got home and appeared happy so all was well. I hope the wind goes away. I have a lot to do outside next week. 🙂

Quite the snow…

So when we got up at 4 AM there was snow on the ground and more coming. Hubby decided he was going to stay home from work as it appeared quite icy. Around 7 AM I called my work weather hotline and we were closed so I snuggled back in bed too. Chase FaceAbout 30 minutes later the dogs were ready to be up so we all got up and checked out the snow that was coming down harder by then. Snow DepthAfter the dogs were fed and we got dressed we checked on the chickens.

Chase helping Daddy with chickens

Chase helping Daddy with chickens

They attempted to run out when we opened their door, but then saw the snow and hightailed it back into their run. Snow ChknOnce the chickens were fed (with some extra scratch to eat so they could stay warm), the girl with the neck issue had her spray put on her, and the eggs were collected we came back in to feed ourselves. We had veggie and cheese omelets and hot beverages (hubby chai late and me apple cider).  Then it was a day of relaxing, blogging, cleaning, and baking. I made a gluten-free banana nut bread cake 🙂 Bananna CakeIt was so Yummy and it made the whole house smell so good 🙂 The boys (dogs) have been busy with their bones and sleeping. The ony problem today was the wind picked up later in the afternoon and brought in some sleet so the snow got really packed down and wet. Snow TreeOther than that it was a great snow day 🙂 Now the chickens are safely closed in their coop, the dogs are snoozing, and it is time to settle in for the night 🙂

River Sunset

It’s the end of a week… the dogs are snoozing on the chair, hubby is in bed, and I am trying to get though some magazines that are from months ago. After a long week it is nice to be able to sit back, leave the rest of the chores for tomorrow, and connect with my blogging world. How was your week? Any new developments? We had a cold and windy day, but the sunset was nice…River sunset

I was thinking how nice it is at night… the house is quiet, I can do my bible study without interruption,  I get to watch what I want on TV (or not watch TV at all), no one needs anything, and there is a sense of calm. I know many people get up early to do things before their “house wakes up”, but in my house the night-time is nice. What is your favorite time of day to be alone, quiet, and get some ‘me’ time?

Beauty at sunset

It was a nicer day today and the sky at sunset was pretty with all the blues and purples… Sky BarnThe sky is always so pretty over our neighbors barn. I love to look at the clouds moving over the mountains and the fields towards our house. It is neat to see how the cloud move the colors along 🙂 It was a nice reminder that after the rain comes the sun 🙂

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