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Wanted to jump on here and say thank you to all the families who have lost loved ones in the military. This Memorial Day weekend my family remembers our military family members who are no longer with us and all of yours as well. People had to die for this country and serve this country in all our military branches so we can have … Read More Remembering

Friday Growing

Cooper is growing and is totally integrated into the family. He’s spunky and playful, yet loving and cuddly. It just depends on the time of day. Every morning he plays until about lunchtime, then he crashes. He’s the perfect fit for the family. Cooper says, “Happy Friday.” Enjoy your weekend!

Be Happy

I saw this sign the other day and feel it is a good sign to start the weekend with… Plus it makes me smile 😉 Hope you have a happy weekend 🙂


It’s been a long time since I blogged. So much has been going one.  Hubby got hurt at work and is now off work for 6 weeks minimum, my Uncle died, we lost two chickens to something we aren’t sure what, hubby is sick now… whew… and my brain has forgotten all the other changes and business… On the positive we are sticking this all out together … Read More Changing…


I woke up this morning expecting snow… All the weather channels said it was supposed to… Yet there was no snow instead this is what I saw on the trees… I can’t say I was disappointed. I really didn’t want snow today. I know I usually love snow, but I am ready for some warm weather so I can be outside more and get things … Read More Dew

Dog Friday…

It’s Friday…. We are all glad 😉

Keeping busy…

The weekend is here and I have a busy one planed… Today and tomorrow I am helping a friend (a cousin of hubbys) move into their new place. I am so excited to have a friend closer and I adore her kids (they have been featured in my posts before). Saturday morning before I go to help her finish unpacking I have to clean … Read More Keeping busy…

Sunny day… Chasing the clouds away

Today was another sunny day! We had to take advantage of it as Mr. Weatherman says it’s going to rain all day tomorrow. The chickens discovered today one of our fence posts had come loose and they showed us they know how to try to get out… that’s fixed now.             I was reading a post the other day … Read More Sunny day… Chasing the clouds away

Festival Day… if it doesn’t rain

Today the sun is trying hard to stay out from behind the clouds… The chickens are enjoying some grub in and out of the coop while they take turns laying. They use to all lay in on of the first boxes we built, but now only one or two lay there, and the others lay in the new back box we built in their new … Read More Festival Day… if it doesn’t rain

First day of yard sales

Yesterday was the first day of the season we saw yard sale signs out. It was a very nice day and everyone was out. After we got home and picked up the dogs we went looking to see what yard sales had started.             The mountains trees around us have really started to fill in and get some color. … Read More First day of yard sales

ATV’s and outdoors

I wanted to share something tonight I feel strongly about. We as humans benefit from being outdoors. It helps with mood, energy, spirit, and health. Kids especially need to be outdoors and play. It helps them with mood, energy, creativity, imagination play, social skills building, self-esteem building, and so much more. I thought I would share with you one of my husbands and my … Read More ATV’s and outdoors