First Day of Spring… I think NOT

So “they” say yesterday was the first official day of spring. Well at our place yesterday and today looked something like this…

Snow barn

Not that I am complaining as it was the only good snow we actually got this whole winter. Hubby and I were both home, no thanks to my county job. They were too cheap to let us off in a foot of snow so they put us on liberal leave, so I took off. I am not dumb enough to drive with people around here who have no idea how to drive in the snow. Hubby and I enjoyed two days together. We had a great time taking care of the animals, doing things inside the house, I cooked a lot, baked some, we cleaned the vehicles off, played games, and we watched the birds.

male cardnial

We had some company watching the birds, as little Grayson is an avid bird watcher. He spent most of the day at his bird watching spot very much entertained.


We get a little variety of birds like woodpeckers, blue jays, blue birds, nuthatches, cardinals, etc.

3 birds

It’s hard to get pictures of them all as by the time I would get my camera they would fly off. We even had our squirrel visitor.


Some of them liked to stay on the ground and eat the seed that fell from the bird feeders. Others flew all over from tree, to feeder, to the ground playing and eating in the snow.

Birds snow

We have a few pairs of cardinals. The males…

Late 2017 to Early 2018 366

And the females are both pretty to me and I counted at least 4 pairs today.

female cardnial

Looks like we got at least the foot of snow they said we would get. The chickens won’t be happy they still can’t get out tomorrow, but the treats of corn, seeds, veggies, and fruits we have been giving them, have kept them happy for now. Hope you are seeing spring where you are.


Snow to spring and back again …

That last eastern snow storm got us  Monday night into Tuesday.

sky snow

Since we knew it was coming our way we did prep work around our place. Secured the chickens and got a couple flock blocks set up plus extra water, covered up the tractors, moved the generator, and filled up the bird feeders as we like to provide a spot for the birds in the snow to get food.

bird feeder

There were quite a few birds that showed up…

bird eating

All three boys liked watching the birds, the two pups from the door and little Grayson from the window…

Bax n chase

We also enjoy watching them. You see a hierarchy just like you do with the chickens… interesting to watch.


I also like to see the little birds find ways to get to the good food and fool the bigger birds.

bird little

Provides some good entertainment on a snowy day.

bird tree

If you got this snow I hope you stayed safe and warm. I was lucky this time, hubby did the shoveling and snow blowing and I got to be inside cooking and baking. I think I got the better part of the deal 😉


And back again…

I know I just posted about the looks of spring coming to our area. I was looking forward to some nicer weather and the wind to not be so much of a bother.


But today I woke up to this… snow, cold, wind 😦 The ground, deck, and all were covered.


My flower beds were covered too and my poor budding flowers.


I guess old man winter is not ready to let go just yet. I hope it doesn’t keep my tulips and other flowers from blooming when spring does finally decide to stay. Weather says possibly more snow tonight. We shall see.

Time for Snow Fun…

Good morning…. Chase is ready for more snow fun today. He can’t wait to be out again today playing and having fun.


(Who can resist this face that says “mommy let me play in the snow”) The plan is to finish inside chores and in between take snow breaks to let him run about and play. I am sure Baxter will join him some of the time. Today should be full of snow adventures.

First Snow…

We had our first snow… it was so pretty.


It started last night and went through early this morning.


After work today I took the boys out to play and enjoy the snow.


Baxter has new boots as he is getting older and he gets colder quicker then he used to. At first he wasn’t sure of them, but then he got used to traipsing about with them on.


Chase is a big lover of snow and he loves to race about and see how fast he can go then stop quickly and turn to race the other way.


I love to take the boys out and let them play. They are now resting and recharging for more play time in the snow tomorrow.

First Day of Spring… or was it?

On the official first day of spring it looked like this at my house…

1st day spring

And the snow just kept coming down, until poor Chase had a hard time getting around…


But finally it looks like this week spring is defeating winter as there are buds on the tree and a flower or two blooming.


Its still cold, but warming up. I can’t wait for all the spring flowers 🙂

Cold Vortex…

The cold wind and frigid temperatures held off until after the funeral and we were all home. The funeral went as expected and now will be a time of healing for the family. The thing about this Uncles passing is that we know he was saved by faith an confession, so those of us who are saved will see him again in heaven. It was nice though because hubbys sister and brother-in-law decided to drive in from out of state at the last minute so we were able to spend today with them to and from the funeral and all evening. It has been nice to have them as we always enjoy their stay. Keep them in your prayers for a safe trip home with all the bad weather. Snow fence

When we got home tonight the wind started up and there were some flurries. It is officially COLD! Its supposed to be below 0* tomorrow. It could make for some bad driving conditions if the wind keeps up and all that water on the roads freezes again. I hope if you are going to be affected by this cold storm that you stay safe and warm. Be safe 🙂

First of January Snow

Thursday as I was coming home from work it started to snow. By the time I got home and situated it looked like this…Snow shed

The flakes were so big at times, when they landed on your clothes you could actually see them, as they didn’t absorb into clothing quickly.


It was so cold too that things just froze right away…Snow tree

And the snow kept coming…

Snow tractor

Even the tree were covered and frozen in place despite some very bad wind…Snow trees

When we went out to check on the chickens my trusty helpers went along…Snow bax n chase

They turned as I came outside, I am guessing there was an animal I didn’t see or they heard and noise I didn’t…Snow Bax n chase 2

Chase stayed out with me longer checking on the snow…Snow Chase 2

He had some fun running around exploring…Snow Chase

And eating a little snow…Snow Chase 3

I think this is going to be a big snow year considering in less then a month we have had 3 big storms and more are predicted this coming week (mostly ice 😦 )

Winter Wonderland

We woke up and nothing… no snow, no ice, nothing they predicted. About 9 AM I looked out the window and there was the snow. We made it to church in the snow and when we got out it was covering everything. Winter was showing itself. By the time we got home it was a winter wonderland.Baxter snow After getting home we got the chickens settled in their coop as they were hiding in there from the snow. (I don’t blame them) Hubby had to do some shoveling to get the coop door closed with the chicks safe inside. Lorne shoveling We let the dogs play in the snow. Baxter and ChaseBax and Chase snowChase just loves the snow and went running all around the chicken area. Chase snowWe then came in to have some warm soup, hot tea, and to relax.

The pups were ready to come inside

The pups were ready to come inside

The snow is still coming down but slowing off for the time being. I don’t mind the snow since we are home snuggled in for the next couple of days. Any of you getting any of this winter storm?