It’s great to have neighbors like we have… you can depend on them, trust them, and you can bless them if they let you… This evening I went over to visit one of our neighbors. I could see him out in his garden. He is in his 80’s and currently struggling with lymes disease among other things. He isn’t getting around as he used to so when I can spy him out from across our field I go see what I can do. I try to go over with a question or to ask to get an onion or something, but usually it’s a way I can go over to talk to him and help out now.kims phone pictures 349Tonight he was going to pick tomatoes for his wife to can… so an hour later we had pulled up potatoes, onions, picked tomatoes of all kinds, and picked blackberries. As a reward I got a bucket full of potatoes, onions, topped with tomatoes, and a basket of blackberries. It wasn’t what I went for, only to help as I knew he couldn’t get down to get the low stuff and he had been complaining his hands aren’t working lately. So despite me going over to give, not take… I got a gift… outside of the food… I got a memory of time with my neighbor and the knowledge that it made a difference to him. That is a true blessing 🙂

24 Comments on “Great Neighbors

  1. Great post and lesson. I love my old neighbors! It’s funny because the man next door always comes over and talks while I’m working in my garden. I can’t wait til I have some tomatoes to share with him!

    • That is very nice that he comes over. Our neighbors do that also when we are in the back 40 as we call it. One neighbors like to get fresh eggs from us and it is nice to share. I hope you get some tomatoes to share soon 🙂

      • It sounds like you are maybe in the country with a lot of land? I’m in a small own and our lots are very close. P.s. I think my neighbor does too! He’s a little old Italian, reminds me of my grandpa.

      • Not a lot… we want more… some of our neighbors have more. I’m in the US. We are saving to move to another state with more space. Where are you ?

  2. What a lovely story. I made friends with an older lady who lived next to us and although she died 10 years ago I still think of her all the time. I’m sure your neighbour appreciates your tactfulness, amongst other things.

    • I try to be tactful I don’t want to offend him. I just know he has slowed down now some and accepts help a little more easily 🙂 I am glad you liked the story and it is nice you have the memories of your neighbor 🙂

  3. This post brought back such wonderful memories of my grandparents’ farm and their neighbors. You are one lucky woman to still have neighbors like this gentleman. Enjoy.

  4. This post reminds me of my neighbor Charles … who can no longer garden but he used to just bless us with vegetables and fruits and yes, blackberries. Thanks for the “like” and I love your theme.

    • Charles sounds like my neighbor a lot and like a lovely gentleman 🙂 I am glad you like my theme I felt out of the choices it fit best 🙂

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