We finally had a beautiful day last Monday. It was sunny, got up to 60*, and the wind had finally calmed. The warmer air and sun dried up a little of the flood of rain and snow we had for the week before that. We went out finally to run some errands and were amazed at the flooded fields, streams, and properties we came across. While out we took the dogs for a little hike, their first of the year, and they just had a blast.

Chase face

Once home we cleaned out the chicken coop, picked up all the downed sticks, branches, and cleaned up the downed trees around the property. We were able to burn them and get the piles cleaned up that way. We tilled the garden and even planted some of the early spring vegetables. I hope they do well as I am looking forward to my garden to start producing again 🙂 Yah for a spring day 🙂


Unfortunately, today just a week later we are having a lot of cold rain. We got out a little in the rain to work on the fence as we are adding to the top of the fence to try to keep the chickens in better. They are wandering out of the area we went them, we have clipped their wings, so we are going with plan 2 now. Hope your Monday is sunny and bright. Have a great week 🙂



6 Comments on “Here came the sun… and now rain…

  1. Seems spring has been such a long time in coming! So glad you’ve gotten to work outside- It would seem warmer weather must be coming at some point, right?!

    • Yes, last week started better off then this one. I hope this rain goes away we have plenty of work to do as we all do 😉 I was enjoying the sun and being outside 🙂

    • We raked some leaves yesterday when we were putting mulch on the flower beds around the house. There were a lot of leaves in the bed. We kept some in because it is good for the beds, but took out a lot because there were just so many that had blown in. Hope your rain is short lived if you are like us we don’t really need it right now. I wish I could send some to my grandma in the Midwest. Have a good Tuesday 🙂

  2. There is something so beautiful about watching the seasons change. Spring is so exciting and too many people want to rush through it to summer and “perfect” weather. Good to see you are enjoying the outdoors! Thanks!

    • Yes you are right people are too busy complaining about the current season and wanting the next one, only to complain about that as well. I like to try to enjoy each season especially spring, fall, and winter 😉 I love the outdoors especially when I have stuff to accomplish in it 🙂

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