I spent from 11 AM till 7 PM outside.. I feel satisfied and happy. I did a lot of yard work raked up all the hay from cutting the grass, cleaned out the flower beds, dug up some plants I no longer want in the flower beds, and put together the new trailer for the garden tractor (with Dad) so I can collect all the piles of things I made today. I took pictures of all of this, but I am too tired to download them. I will and post more about my day tomorrow.

My new garden ornament

The chickens spent the day at the fence watching my every move and the dogs hung out on the front porch “protecting me” from those who came by.

I hope you all had a busy and productive day as I did. It was nice to end the week on a happy and productive note. On to the next week… Blessings 🙂


10 Comments on “Ladybug, Ladybug, don’t fly away…

  1. I had a productive day too, doing many of the same things, except I didn’t have a flock of chickens guarding me. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Your blog is delightful. I’m so glad you stopped by mine, so now I know about yours. We just moved to Panama, and I have to say — this seems to be a great place for anyone who wants a little land and a ranch. (And chickens of course, which seem to be the local alarm clock) . I will tell my daughter and her roommates about your blog — your lifestyle is one they would love!

    • Please share it with your daughter and her roomy. I am happy for all visitors and am glad you came by. I’m not sure we could move to panama, but maybe some day to the midwest. Thanks for coming by 🙂 Blessings 🙂

  3. I’m glad someone was productive, we went visiing and with good food and good company comes good times… lol Sounds like a great day and I love those chookies at the fence 😉

    • Seemed like you had a nice day even if it was “productive” it was in your own way. I am happy you likes the chicks at the fence. They are funny always following me round like the dogs. 🙂

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