What a crazy week and hot end to the week. The temp is over 80*, but the humidity makes it very hot. It seems to fit memorial day weekend when all the pools open and BBQ start full force. We don’t have many plans for the weekend. If it is not too hot tomorrow  a friend who has two golden retrievers and I with my two mutts will try to go over to the river to walk them and let them play in the water (if they will get in and it is not moving too much).

I wanted to ask for some prayers for my husband’s childhood friend who was in an accident on Tuesday and we just got the details of the event yesterday. We have had a lot of rain and apparently there was a huge sink hole (I saw a picture). He said he was driving early AM, apparently didn’t see it, and fell right into it. He had hip surgery yesterday and appears to be recovering. He has 9 months of rehab ahead of him and it will be a long road for him.

I had some more red-hot poker flower pictures I thought I would share as I now seen to have quite a fascination with them. I hope you all have a blessed weekend with friends or family. Anyone have any plans now that the weekend is upon us?

6 Comments on “Prayers and Flowers

  1. Re: Your husband’s friend: That is awful! I’m glad he’s recovering, and he will be in my prayers.

  2. Hi,
    Beautiful flowers. We take our dog down to our local park everyday, and there is a wonderful creek there for the dogs to have a swim she loves it. 😀

    I am so sorry to hear about your friends accident, it is unreal how these sink holes appear in the roads after a lot of rain, it happens here also,

    • Sounds like a great park to go to. Since we are in the country for the most part we have to travel to the parks, but thats ok. Sink holes are wierd and I have heard about cars going in them just never had this close of experience before.

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