Welcome to the start of another week. Do you know the best part of a new week? For me it is a fresh start… last weeks mess ups are behind me and I get to decide what I am going to do for this week to make it better if I can. It is a great day to take a look at things and decide what to do moving forward. Even when God has us in a time of waiting, there are always things we can still do to improve for the next venture God has for us. Chase wanted me to post another shot from his photo shoot the other day (sorry no photos of Baxter he was having a bad hair day so he wouldn’t pose 😉 )chase face tooThe chicks learned a new hiding spot to take treats they get a hold of from the big red ladies. It is funny to watch them check out where the big reds are going to eat. Then they scamper in, grab a treat, then run to their spot. They then carefully eat their treat while helping each other guard their treat from the big red ladies. It is a funny new thing that didn’t happen when we only had our reds. baby chicksThe buffs are almost half the size of the red now. No longer babies… but I still holler at them at feed and snack time… ♪”here babies…”♪  then to get the reds to come too ♪”here ladies…”♪ and to get both the reds and buffs  ♪”here girls…”♪  And they come running. Such fun 🙂 Happy a happy and blessed week ♪ ♫ ♪

2 Comments on “Dog and Chicken Musings

  1. 🙂 hi!hi! so funny that they run away with the food and then keep guard of their treats! 🙂 Hope you will have a great week too! 🙂 Chase looking great as always that boy! 🙂

    • Yes these chicks are a hoot and very different then the Rhode islands were at this age. Chase says thanks for the complement 🙂

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