The baby buff’s are quite a bunch. They oriented to the outside quickly and after a couple of weeks are now trying to get in with the big ladies our Rhode Islands. They are so cute running across the yard after the big girls their bottoms just a moving…buff cick runThey are getting bigger this past couple of week as it seems between 2 months and 2 months 2 weeks they stalled out in the growth department for a bit. Now they are starting to look like a chicken and loosing those baby features….Buff chick faceAs the Rhode Islands did too…Big chicks faceThe baby buff’s are also more brave taking over some of the big girls space like laying on their ramp from their laying house…Buffs on walkDusting in the coop run…Buffs DustAnd they are trying to at times get in on the snacking action when treats are thrown out…Buff StandsThey are such soft girls I just love how soft their feathers are. They are a little more skittish as we didn’t handle the as much as we should have early on, but they are getting used to us picking them up and holding them.Buff chick They also now don’t run when we come into the coop they see the big ladies surrounding us and they come right along. They have learned to love scratch and the occasional food treats we throw to them. Some are braver than other’s, but isn’t that how it is with anything 🙂

10 Comments on “Buffs Month 2 1/2

    • I do enjoy this fluffy stage… they are so soft and you just want to carry them everywhere 🙂 So happy you liked the photos 🙂

    • I am trying they seem to not be growing then all of a sudden they are bigger… I do enjoy watching them grow 🙂

  1. Your chickens are getting so big, and pretty. It makes me want to add to my flock. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • I am always happy to be an inspiration 🙂 I hope some day we have more land and I can add to my flock each year, but for now these will be our last babies for a while 😦 I hope you can get some more chicks and I look forward to seeing them 🙂

  2. they are so pretty, love their color! 🙂 can’t believe how much they have grown! Hope you are having a beautiful weekend! 🙂

    • Their color and softness are my favorite parts of these new girls…. I just think they look like golden sunshine 🙂 They are starting to grow again and I am jut happy the big ladies have accepted them in as part of the group as much as they have 🙂 Hope your weekend is lovely as well 🙂

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