I have been sick. It’s been a couple years since I have been sick and I am not happy. I have almost lost my voice (hubby may be happy about that)… but it makes it hard to keep up with the house, animals, and just getting things done. Hubby has been helping out, my mom and step-dad were up this past weekend for step-dads birthday (Happy Birthday 🙂 ) and I had off from work today for Martin Luther King Day… so that has been helpful. Listening to the news today it seems we are being scheduled for a big snow storm tomorrow through Wednesday. Barn
I am wondering how much we will get at this point. So despite being sick I still helped hubby get the chicken coop and things ready for the storm incase it is as bad as they say it will be. When you have animals there are no sick days (unless your really down and out). We made sure they had clean water, plenty of food, a feed scratch block to keep busy, and plenty of bedding in their boxes. Today they are out and about.

Shed and Tractor

So after chores I took a nap. Naps are unusual for me and a rare occurrence. I am keeping the hot tea close at hand and hubby is making sure I stay hydrated and eat. I hope where ever you are that if you have or are expecting snow you are warm and dry. What are the special things you do to get your animals ready for big storms?

12 Comments on “More snow?

  1. Sorry to hear that you are sick! That is a bummer–especially this time of year. I also hope that the storm is a mild one. Winter storms always make for so much extra work when you have animals. I prefer brown winters to white ones…It is unusual, in Nebraska, to get a snow that falls vertically and lays flat on the ground—what we usually end up with are blizzards and huge snow drifts.

    We are horribly windy but at this point there has been no snow to make it into a blizzard. I pray that it stays that way! Our cattle live outdoors and blowing snow / ice in particular is hard on them. We prepare for storms by giving them a special blend of feed that helps them stay warm. I also increase the feed that I give to my horses to help them get through tough weather (they graze on an old alfalfa field in the winter, but need supplementation when the weather turns bad).

    Take care and get better soon!

    • Yes, it always sucks to be sick in the winter, it makes you move slower and makes things feel yucky.

      I know you have a ton to do when it get colder especially in the snow and ice. I am glad so far you have had a mild winter, as I know that makes things easier for you all, animals included. Do harsher winters affect the quality of the beef in the cow? I never thought of that before and hadn’t thought to ask hubby or anyone. I hope you keep your “brown winter” 😉

      • Yes, stressful weather events can impede the ability of the animal’s meat to marble and thereby reduce the quality of the eating experience. The energy that the animal uses to help fight off weather stress essentially takes away energy that might otherwise be placed toward creating a juicy steak…We are all happier with constantly tolerable weather 🙂

      • That makes sense and is kind of what I figured, but it is nice to know for sure. Thanks for the info and I hope your animals get some stable weather 🙂

  2. This has been a wicked winter up here in the Northeast. Storm after storm. We had snow Saturday and Sunday and the temps are plummeting starting tomorrow. We don’t change much for snow but when it is below zero that means changing the water a couple of times a day instead of just once. Pain but frozen buckets are a pain for them. Hope you feel better.

    • Thanks, I am trying to be careful and get better. You sound like us changing the water more often is a must incase it freezes over. Heat lamps help as well. Hope you are staying warm 🙂

  3. Hope you are back to your better-feeling self soon. It is much easier to tolerate the winter when you are 100%. The snow sure has bad timing. It usually start right around rush hour (both a.m. & p.m.) and always when I have to travel across the state for work (tomorrow). How many days until Spring?

    • Be safe traveling. I am in bed recovering. Dr says I have the flu and strep… fun fun… The snow is bad for hubby driving to and from work as well. I tell him drive slow and leave lots of space so hopefully you will make it to and from your destination safe as well 🙂

  4. Sorry you’ve been sick.
    A quick thanks, first, for the photo of the red barn. It reminds me of my husbands grandmother who I loved so very very much and miss every day. She LOVED red barns so whenever I see one I think of her. So thank you for this reminder.
    Have a blessed day.

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