We got some more rain yesterday, thankfully without a storm or wind. The garden and the flowers all seemed to enjoy the rain. The chickens also didn’t seem to mind as it cooled things of a bit. One of our “girls” seemed to know the rain was coming as she ran and hid under the bush as soon as she heard the thunder then when it was just rain she went to the middle of the yard and laid there getting all wet.

After the storm was over I checked the garden and found all sorts of veggies waiting to be picked. You can’t see a squash one minute and the next it is so big it’s hard to miss. It’s funny how that works.

I am happy with the garden expansion this year as I have more room and the plants are getting bigger. I am getting a few tomatoes, but have a lot that are green, just waiting for them to turn red. I am anxious to get my tomato sauces made to store for the winter. I am also needing to get out to get some Ball jars to try my hand at canning this year. Some of you gave me some good tips on canning I am going to try out so keep the tips coming.

16 Comments on “Tips and Chicks Monday

  1. thanks for checking out my blog and chicken and gardening story. xx
    Your blog looks super. xx lisa

  2. Happy to hear you had rain and no storms. We got a little shower yesterday and another one today. They were both very short but we are thankful for every drop. Those veggies look great. I had to buy squash and tomatoes wish I could just go outside and get some. Enjoy! hugs

  3. I too am getting impatient waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. I have run out of tomato relish and I’m very eager to get a fresh batch made! Your vegetables look terrific 🙂

      • It’s a bit fiddly, I really need to experiment with another recipe as it seems to take forever for it to reduce and thicken. Hubby loves it on cold pork sandwiches, it’s good with salads and especially nice with baked potatoes. We’re not big tomato sauce loving people so this is a great alternative for us 🙂

  4. Nice to see your garden growing. Here everything has either been drowned by the never-ending rain or shrivelled and died in the absence of sun. I’ve given up for this year.

    • I am greatfull even though it has been hot and wet that the garden is growing well. I really enjoy my garden and would miss it if it was not around 🙂 I hope you have better luck next year 🙂

    • Thank you they are delicious and we have so many I have tried them in more ways this year… most recently with a sweet twist 🙂

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