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Rain and Chicks

Hello All Hope everyone is having a great week and have good plans for the weekend ahead. We have been dealing with a lot of rain this week, but trying to get the babies out in between the rain… They just love getting out and are growing so fast. Enjoying having these babies in the house 🙂  (on a sad note we lost one … Read More Rain and Chicks

Merry CHRISTmas Eve!

Our family hopes you are with family or friends celebrating this Christmas eve… Its a very warm Christmas eve where we are and no hopes of snow only rain… but we still are enjoying celebrating our Lord and Saviors birth.

Storms a commin’

The other night a storm blew in so quick, but you could see it coming…. I loved seeing the rain sheets coming from the river… And across the fields towards our house… The clouds turned and got darker as the storm got closer… As much as I hate storms it was neat to see all this and be inside my cozy home safe and … Read More Storms a commin’


Its been a blue kind of day… mood and weather wise… rain, rain, and clouds. The rain stopped briefly at times off and on all day. This little butterfly was a visitor of ours and its lovely blue wings matched my mood and also provided a momentary mood lift.What a pretty color blue 🙂 It is a metallic blue that seems to shine. She made … Read More Blue

Dinner visitor…

We had a big storm last night and more rain today. It stopped briefly and then started again as we finished dinner. About this time Chase started growling and barking like mad and Baxter joined in. We looked out the back windows to see this lady wandering through our back yard. When she heard the dogs barking she high tailed it towards the neighbors yard and has not … Read More Dinner visitor…

Tips and Chicks Monday

We got some more rain yesterday, thankfully without a storm or wind. The garden and the flowers all seemed to enjoy the rain. The chickens also didn’t seem to mind as it cooled things of a bit. One of our “girls” seemed to know the rain was coming as she ran and hid under the bush as soon as she heard the thunder then when it was … Read More Tips and Chicks Monday

Big Bird…

It’s still cloudy and wet today. The rain appears to have stopped for now. On the way home the other day we saw this peacock sitting on a house on one of the back roads we take. Since I work later today I thought I would share this photo before I left.. I hope you have a great day 🙂

And the rain came down, down, down…

So the weather man was right again… rain all day. It really made the morning hard for us to get to the doctors appointments and then to run errands. There were numerous accidents and people driving slowly. We were late for the first doctor, but so was everyone behind us so we were still seen. When we got home the chickens were out in … Read More And the rain came down, down, down…

Sunny day… Chasing the clouds away

Today was another sunny day! We had to take advantage of it as Mr. Weatherman says it’s going to rain all day tomorrow. The chickens discovered today one of our fence posts had come loose and they showed us they know how to try to get out… that’s fixed now.             I was reading a post the other day … Read More Sunny day… Chasing the clouds away

Was the weather man right?

One of my favorite flowers is the Gerber daisy. I love the colors, the design, and how they grow. Now I enjoy daisy’s in general, but this has to be my favorite variety. It’s almost like a sunshine (which I also enjoy). Which brings me to today… my motto worked the sun came out and was out all day. Over the weekend the weather … Read More Was the weather man right?

Whats a girl to do?

The weather man says this rain is supposed to break tomorrow… thank goodness… it is WET here. The chickens have been kept in their run until this afternoon when it went from torrential down pour to light sprinkles. They are happy to be out.             Chase has a vet appointment today to get him a booster on his rabies since he … Read More Whats a girl to do?

Soggy Sunday after Sunny Saturday…

It started raining shortly after we got done at the Flower and Garden festival my Mom and I went to yesterday. It was so sunny and beautiful the entire time we were at the show and I had to sing a little praise to God for holding off the rain till after we got to see the whole festival. I got so many good shots … Read More Soggy Sunday after Sunny Saturday…