Yesterday we went for a hike with the dogs at one of the battlefields we like in the summer as it has a river that the dogs can play in.

Chase is loving the water

Let me clarify… Chase loves to be in the water and our lab, as some of you know, hates the water. We are lucky if we can get his paws in the river…

Baxter walked on the shore as we walked in the water.

The trails are not long, but they are a good walk and walking in the water is a good bonus. Hopefully the more Chase loves walking in the deeper water he may learn to swim. Maybe he will even get Baxter in on the fun of the water. 😉 We are hoping to go back tomorrow to get in the river again.

22 Comments on “Down by the river…

  1. I love walking in rivers and creeks great places to go in the summer. Baxter is not alone our Lab doesn’t like the water either. Maybe if Chase keeps having so much fun Baxter eventually won’t be able to resist giving that river a go. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Our new puppy – well we’ve had her for five months – got so used to it being dry since it hasn’t been raining, and now that it has been wet, she HATES going outside in the wet, dewy grass. It really is funny but kind of annoying. I wonder what she will think of the lake next time we take her?

    • Well with our Baxter he has finally gotten use to the wet grass, puddles, etc… but if its any more water forget about it. 😉 Hopefully your pup will readjust quicker then our lab. What kind of dog did you get?

      • She is a Bichon Frise. We are finding her to be a very lovable breed and quite a bit bigger than we expected. I guess they can range quite a bit in size 🙂

    • Yes, it is funny thing. He has not changed in 3 years I don’t think he will start to like water now… but one can hope 😉

  3. what sort of a Lab is that, who doesn’t like the water? Is he (?) crossed with something, doesn’t look like a pure bred. very cute though 🙂

    • He is a black lab/blue-tick healer mix. I have had lots of lab and mixed labs in the past and this is our first that doesn’t like water. He is a funny boy 🙂

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