It’s been a long winter for everyone I think. With snow places it’s never been, or not in a long time, more snow then other areas are used to… for us the wind the last couple years is getting worse and that on top of the snow and cold just makes it miserable. But there it hope on the horizon…

At least for us there are finally signs of spring. Along with this has been a little warm up in temperatures and more sun. We are all loving this at our place as it makes you want to get outside more and it’s more enjoyable to get your exercise.

Baxter still isn’t well enough to go on walks with us, but Chase and I are enjoying going on longer walks more frequently. While we’re out Baxter usually gets a special treat like peanut butter in a bone or Kong to lick out. He gets his special treat while Chase is enjoying his treat of solo walks. It took Chase a couple walks to get used to being alone, he would look for Baxter. But now he’s used to it and loves it. He does a little prance and his tail is up and wagging the whole way. Needless to say we’re all enjoying the promise of spring. Hope you are as well. 🌼

What do you think? I would love to hear from you :)

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