Today the sun is trying hard to stay out from behind the clouds…

The chickens are enjoying some grub in and out of the coop while they take turns laying.

They use to all lay in on of the first boxes we built, but now only one or two lay there, and the others lay in the new back box we built in their new attached house. Chickens are funny.

The pups have been playing most of the morning, but seem to be taking a rest currently, watching over their chickens like good flock guards.

I am hopefully off soon to a Flower and Garden Festival in our area with my mom. I am waiting for her to get here so we can go and try to beat the rain that looks like it wants to come. The weather channel did say rain today. I think I will pray for it to hold off untill we get done. *Fingers Crossed *

Any of you have any festival plans for this weekend or anything fun planed? I hope and will say an extra prayer for the rain holds off in your area too if you are supposed to have some, till you get done with your day. (If you need some rain and are hoping for it I will send ours your way).

10 Comments on “Festival Day… if it doesn’t rain

  1. Thank you for stopping by and commented on my post.
    You have a lovely farm and that layers seems very pretty too.. 🙂

  2. What beautiful red chickens! Mine (the next door neighbours’) are a mongrel bunch – grey, golden, black, white and mixtures thereof. Some have Silky feet and topknots, others have big fluffy bottoms, some are slender and elegant. Sobranie the cockerel is in his first year and already beautiful – glossy black with gold bits – hence his name (after the exotic black/gold cigarettes Balkan Sobranie).
    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking the post!

  3. See, I told you I’d come over here to learn more about chickens. Thanks for liking my post or else I doubt I would’ve discovered you.

    What kind of chickens do you have? I have some Hybids: 6 Golden Comets, 3 Amber Sex Links and then non-hybrids: 2 Barred Rock, and 2 Americuana. But I’m convinced some of the non-hybrids are roosters. After I got the hybrids I was told they only lay (like crazy) for 2-3 years compared to the non-hybrid 5-6. Do you know if this is true?

    • We have Rhode Island Red and they are good layers. I have also heard that hybrids lay for a shorter time, but we have never had that varity. I have heard that with most chickens the happier you keep them and the more free ranging they are allowed to do the longer they lay.

  4. I’m glad to see your dogs don’t bother the chickens, my Golden just trembles when she sees the chicks, she gets so excited, I’m afraid she might try to go after one. We are taking her to see them a couple times a day to get them used to them. Thanks for the blog comment:)

    • Thats a great idea, that is how we got ours use to the chickens. We still have to remind them once in a while not to “play” with them (they think when the chickens ruffle their fethers its a play signal). I was glad to visit your blog and glad you came to mine 🙂

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